From Never to Maybe

Female domination

There was a time when I said that I would never want to be dominated by another woman. But as goes with many things in life: never say never.

Also, once the little seed has been planted to think about it, it has slowly germinated, but has never broken the ground to show its young green leaves. I think that has to do with two things. One is the fact that we don’t know any dominant women with whom we could try whether female domination will really be for me. The other obviously is because we are not actively doing anything in the line of D/s, except for me sleeping with my night collar and Master T sometimes having to warn me when I absentmindedly cross my legs.

Then came the announcement of the current topic of KOTW and suddenly my thoughts are back to how it would be to be dominated by a woman.

Would it have to be someone I don’t know? Someone who I first have to get to know, partly through play and partly not? How would it be if it’s someone I know? Will I be able to make the switch in my thinking from seeing her as a friend, to seeing her as the person dominating me?

How would it be if a woman hurts me? Will it hurt more than when Master T does it, or not? I actually think I know the answer, as some years ago Rose left some marks on me with a carpet beater and it hurt as much as it would’ve hurt had Master T been holding the implement.

But that night was about trying out her implements, not about her dominating me.

Would I want a woman to give me orders? Would I be able to have a connection to a woman the same way I have with Master T? Would I want a woman to dominate me together with Master T?

I am bisexual, and just like with men, when there’s a click between me and the woman, everything is possible. I never take the lead when something sexy is about to happen. When I have to think about what I should do next, absolutely nothing comes to mind. It’s as if I go totally blank. I can imagine myself in a situation where I am with a dominant woman, and she takes the lead; tells me to lick her, to kiss her, to finger her, and that either before or after she hurts me.

I still have a lot of questions, but many of these can only be answered after sharing an experience with a dominant woman. I have moved away from saying ‘never’ to thinking ‘maybe one day’ or ‘if only for one experience’. Because yes, I would love to try this at least once, being dominated by a woman.

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4 thoughts on “From Never to Maybe

  1. There was a time in the past when I said ‘never, ever. However, that has definitely changed and it’s become my hottest fantasies.

  2. I understand very much how a no can turn to a maybe. And in my opinion, once it’s a maybe, why not give it a try (if the opportunity arises)? What would you have to lose?

  3. A played with a couple two years ago where she was very much a Domme. That was an experience as I was far more attracted to her than him which isn’t my typical leanings. Even now, I can’t really pinpoint the difference, but it felt different with her even though she was mean with an implement.

    I’d be very much interested in your experience if you do have one. I think you’d enjoy it as something different than what you have with Master T

  4. We often feel differently about/toward different partners, and typically behave/respond differently to different people, even if the scenario we are enacting is otherwise familiar. This is true for friendships and romance of course, as well as for sex and kink.

    So it’s perfectly logical that you would experience being dominated by a female in both familiar and new/strange ways. It’s also highly likely that your responses would be greatly influenced by who that female “is” (how she behaves as a person) and what her personality/style brings out in you.

    I have entertained similar musings, from the opposite side of the power coin, and one thing that plays into the No/Maybe equation for me is how I feel about females in general (not in a sexual-interest way so much as a “this is an alien species” way) and also what their ‘style’ of submission is (or how it presents, anyway).

    Mostly, with any given candidate, I’m like “NOPE.”

    But then again, sometimes it’s a maybe…

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