Come On, Try!

Rose and I have been friends for years. Occasionally, like today, she pops in for a drink. Each with a glass of champagne in our hands, several subjects come up, but as always we end up talking about sex. We have never been to bed together and we never will – Rose is a lesbian and in a relationship with Fiona – but Rose has sometimes asked me to spank her. No sex, just a spanking.

Today the subject of anal sex comes up and I tell her about one time when an old girlfriend of mine had take a huge dildo in her arse.
“Had she ever done it before?” Rose asks.
“No, never. It was a sort of punishment, and she was in pain for days, which actually made me feel bad.”
“It surprises me that she hurt for days,” Rose says.
I’m not an anal expert at all. I have never experienced it myself, except for anal fingering or fucking one of my girlfriends. I mention this to her.

“Have you never fisted anyone?”
I shook my head.
“That surprises me. It’s heaven. Come on,” she says, stands up and walks towards me, “try it.”
Her openness totally surprises me. Without waiting for an answer she puts her glass down and takes her jeans off. I stand up to get some lube and when I sit down again, she bends over and supports herself on a small table. Her ass is right in front of my face. She glances backwards and says: “Come on, do it.”

I apply lube to my fingers and then softly run my fingers between her buttocks. Rose spreads her legs a bit more. My fingers touch her anal opening, turning small circles around it. Her reaction is instant: a soft moan and I am surprised to find her entrance opening up to my touch. I slowly push two fingers inside. Rose doesn’t hide her excitement. She shivers and sighs. She wiggled her bottom, clearly inviting me to do more. I easily push two more fingers into her.

Unabashed and unashamed, Rose started stroking herself between her legs. I fuck her with my fingers, in and out, but also turn my hand with my fingers still inside her. Rose is clearly enjoying herself, and it’s only when I push harder to see if my entire hand fits in her, that I hear her moan a bit in pain. I know that Fiona frequently fists Rose both vaginally and anally, but my hand is bigger than that of Fiona.

I don’t want to test Rose or abuse the situations, so only do what I see Rose clearly enjoys. Her breathing gets more labored and she rubs her clitoris faster and with one goal in mind. After about ten minutes, Rose orgasms hard.

“Wow,” she says when she straightens up and pulls her jeans on again, “did you like it?”
On the one hand her coolness amazed me, on the other it appeals to me enormously.
“I liked it a lot.”
I don’t admit to her that her openness is actually making me a bit uncomfortable.
“Do you think my hand will go in entirely? If you want that, of course.”
I feel pretty stupid once I have asked the question, as if it is my intention to try it, which it isn’t.
“Maybe we should try it sometime…” she says mischievously and winks.

© Rebel’s Notes

6 thoughts on “Come On, Try!

  1. I have only fisted someone once. My whole hand was inside her and I felt if she moved the wrong way my forearm would shatter. It was a very cool experience though and the woman involved loved it. I did it at her request as she had had it done before.
    This was a very erotic story! Loved it.

    1. Thank you. There is something magic in being fisted 😉

  2. I’ve tried fisting before — a long time ago, and it was very interesting. But I recognize that feeling of discomfort when someone is so open…it can be very disconcerting. 🙂

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