The Bride

“Yes! Oh god, yes! More!”
There whispers were not enough to reach the corners of the room, unlike the scent of their fucking. Her heels were just the right height to tilt her hips in the right angle for him to hit her sweet spot while fucking her over the huge ebony table. She held onto the dress bundled around her middle; he to her bottom framed by the pristine white straps of her garters.

“Harder!” she spurred him on and opened her legs to show him how much she wanted it. His body slapped against hers, and for a moment she looked at the door. It was locked, but for a brief second she worried that someone outside might hear them. Her attention snapped back to their coupling when he grabbed her and used them to enter her even deeper.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned, “holy mother of… oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.”
The more she moaned, the tighter his fingers closed around her wrists and the harder he fucked her. A low groan started deep in his throat, and she knew his climax was as close as hers. Jackie tightened the muscles in her cunt, keeping her orgasm back until the familiar twitching inside signaled her of his release. Her own juices mixed with those of him.

Mike released her wrists and she grabbed her dress again, keeping it in place while he took a small step back. Only when he took the fabric over from her, did she let go.
“Ready?” he asked and she nodded.

Holding onto the meters of fabric of Jackie’s wedding dress, Mike waited until she stood up before he gently lowered her dress. Just before the material obscured his view, he saw his semen running down the inside of her right thigh. He smiled, while arranging the three-meter train of her wedding dress behind her. Mike stepped closer. They watched each other as their lips moved closer, and only closed their eyes when they gently kissed.

He stepped away and once more he asked: “Ready?”

The hallway was empty. Everyone waited inside the small church where the wedding ceremony would be solemnized. Two officials waited at the double doors and opened it when they approached. All heads turned and all eyes watched Jackie as she walked down the isle to tie the knot with her future husband.


With each slow step she took, a tiny bit of fluid squeezed from her naked cunt and joined the trail of wetness running down her legs. She glanced over to Mike and they smiled. If only the people knew…

Jackie had deliberately timed her steps to last one full song — their song — before they finally reached the front of the church. They stood next to each other for some seconds before, as if on cue, they turned to each other and smiled. Jackie reached her hands to Mike’s and briefly they stood like that before she leaned forward, kissed him on his cheek and said: “Thank you.”

Mike, watching as she turned towards her future husband, took his place behind her as her best man.

If only people knew how appropriate this title was…

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