Blush Sola Clit Massager Set – Rechargable

I have been approached by Tabutoys with the request to do a toy review. Since I prefer stimulation of my clitoris to reach an orgasm, I looked at their clitoral vibrators and chose the Blush Sola Clit Massager Set to test.

Packaging & Contents

The Blush Sola is packed in a beautiful big box of which the lid opens to one side. Covering this box is an open ‘sleeve’ that you have to remove first. Inside the box you find the Blush Sola with it’s cradling dock and three silicon sleeves. There’s the purple rounded sleeve, the light greenish-blue sleeve with rounded ‘protrusion’ and the adorable pink one with bunny ears. Under this first layer there are two boxes, one with the USB charging cable and the other with a toy bag, big enough to hold the toy and the sleeves. The last item in the box is a small booklet.

Additional to the contents of the box, I have also been sent an extra sleeve – a light blue rounded one with four ‘nipples’.

Shape ‘n Size & Material

When you take the Blush Sola from the charging dock, it looks like a mushroom, especially if you have the rounded purple sleeve on it. All sleeves are made of pure soft medical grade silicon and feels velvety soft. The toy is phthalate free and safe to use on your body. Oh and a thing I really like about the Blush Sola: it’s waterproof!

How does it work?

The Blush Sola works with pressure sensitive technology. The more pressure you apply, the harder it vibrates. To charge the Blush Sola you put it in the cradling dock — it has magnetic charging technology — and charge it, either using your wall sockets or charging it through the USB port on your laptop. It takes three hours to be fully charged and then you have 15 hours of play before you have to charge it again.

To use the toy you don’t push the button at the bottom of the toy. If you do, you actually lock the toy. Between the ‘head’ of the Blush Sola, and the ‘shaft’ there is a softer, flexible ring. When you apply pressure, this ring ‘collapses’ and the vibration starts. If you want to lock the vibration on a specific speed, you push the little button at the bottom (it shines blue) and your toy will vibrate at the same speed for as long as you desire.

My experience with & opinion of the product

Normally when I take a toy from a box, I wash it first and then use it. I almost never charge a toy before use, as it mostly comes from the box partially charged. I took the Blush Sola from the box, totally impressed with the packaging and the look of the toy, and I switched it on. Nothing happened. Of course my first thought was that the toy needed to be charged, but the light did come on when I pressed it. This was a bit confusing, but I put the Blush Sola on the charger and took the small booklet from the box, thinking it would tell me how the toy works. It didn’t.

Deciding to wait for the toy to be fully charged, I went downstairs and searched for the Blush Sola online. I came across a video which showed me how it worked. I had to laugh, as I never connected the ‘intelligent pressure sensitive technology’ to having to apply pressure to make it vibrate. Also, switching it on meant I locked it on the ‘no use’ state. This is me, not the the toy!

Applying pressure to the toy (with the blue button not lighted!), the vibrations can go from mild to quite intense. Too intense for me to handle. I opted for somewhere in the middle, and one thing I will have to get ‘used’ to, is keeping the desired pressure (and vibration) and then pushing the button to lock it. The toy, even in it’s highest vibration is definitely not loud. Obviously the more intense the vibrations are, the more sound there is, but you can safely use it with other people in the house.

Another thing that I found a bit annoying is when I come to a point where I either want less or more vibrations, and I first have to find the button, switch it off, find the right pressure again and switch it on again. Mid play this can be a bit irritating.

My verdict of this toy is that it won’t be tucked away deep in a drawer, never to be used again, but will be held in my drawer with toys I use more frequently. I think this will become my favorite ‘shower toy’!

Where to buy?

You can buy the rechargable Blush Sola Clit Massager Set from Tabutoys for 160 US Dollars.
(Just a note: The toy comes with an American plug on it, so make sure you have a converter plug if you are anywhere else in the world.)

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