His Voice


I have no experience or knowledge at all of erotic hypnotism, but I do have a vivid imagination…

Sascha was like a child all afternoon, almost running from one cage to the other to see the exotic animals in the zoo. Ryan followed her around with a smile. He loved seeing her this excited; seeing her enjoy the little things in life.

“There’s one more place to go, my love,” he said and he pulled Sascha with him towards the entrance of the aquarium. There was a bit of hesitation in her step, but then she laughed and now she was the one pulling him along. Her demeanor changed some as they walked past and under the basins with jellyfish, small fish, big fish, sharks, sea turtles and more. It was when they came to the giant crabs that Sascha became very quiet. She quickly glanced at them and then moved on.

The next basin housed an octopus. Sascha froze. She stood right in front of it and watched as some of the tentacles lazily moved through the water, while others were stuck to the window. Ryan looked at his girlfriend and realized she was frozen in fear.

He moved to stand behind her.
“Close your eyes and listen to my voice.”
His arms snaked around her; his hands resting under her breasts; his fingers barely touching the rounding of her boobs.

“I’m holding you. It’s only me and you. You and me. We are the world. Feel my heart beat against your body. Now will end it.”

His mouth was close to her ear and his monotone voice almost a whisper. Sascha concentrated on his voice. Her body started to relax and the octopus was all but forgotten.

“You feel a soft touch simultaneously on both your legs. It moves up to your upper thighs and slips around each, adding a bit of pressure.”

Sascha moans softly.

“At the same time your arms are pinned and tied behind your back. Your body is pulled backwards, arching it, pushing your breasts and cunt forward. You can’t move. You have to surrender yourself to the feelings.”

Sascha squirmed.

“Surrender, Sascha, surrender.”

While he spoke these words, Ryan’s thumb brushed Sascha’s nipples with his thumbs. Her body was fully relaxed; her eyes closed; her mouth open. Her breathing was shallow and quick.

“It slips inside you. Cold. Wet. Firm. Deep. Emptiness remains when it pulls out, but you quickly welcome it back. Allows it to fuck you. Another slides over your breasts and squeezes. But all you are aware of is the tentacle in your cunt. The one drawing your orgasm from you, even though you fear octopuses because of their tentacles. Feel the pleasure it brings you.”

Sascha is panting; her body tense; her orgasm near.

“Deeper. Harder. More. You’re close.”

A grunt escaped Sascha’s open mouth.

“Feel the tentacle inside you, Sascha. Give in to the pleasure. Now!”

Sacha’s eyes flew open the same time her orgasm ripped through her body. Ryan’s arms still supported her wobbly legs when Sascha looked at the octopus and realized it wasn’t nowhere as scary as she thought it was. It was almost… sexy…

© Rebel’s Notes

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  1. wow – what a concept
    i could never have thought of a story like this
    you have an intriguing imagination – so interesting

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