Unearthly Sounds

Mothers grabbed their children and pulled them inside as the day drew to an end. Dusk had set in, and it will soon be dark. Some clouds filled the sky, but not enough to hide the full moon, once it showed its face behind the horizon. With the moon came the terror. With every full moon, unearthly sounds came from the woods. Parents keep their children in and no one dared going out on the street all alone.

Except Sebastian.

He had been preparing this for weeks. Pure by accident he had found a clearing in the woods, just after a night of terror two full moons ago. The freshly disturbed earth told him that the sounds might have come from that spot. When he wanted to return to the same spot the next day, everything in the woods seemed different, and it took him until the last full moon to find the place again. Retreating his steps back towards the village, he had marked the trees, and those were the marks he followed now.

He stopped for a moment when the light of the moon appeared at the edge of the trees, and the woods seem to come alive. Almost becoming one with the tree he leaned against, he watched as white shapes appeared from nowhere. One moved so close to him and left behind such a chill, that for a second Sebastian doubted the wiseness of his decision to be in the woods tonight. But, he pressed on and gasped when he finally came to the clearing.

There, around a big fire, were all the white shaped figures, but nothing about them scared him now. The milky white, alabaster skin of the naked women stirred a feeling in his loins that was as unfamiliar to him as the scene in front of him. Women kissed and hugged, laughed and talked. The higher the moon rose, the more intense their touching became.

The moon seemed to stop above the clearing, bathing the women in his light. As if a sign was given, they all got up and started swaying from side to side, singing in low voices. Their eyes were closed, as their bodies all moved in the same rhythm. Each women squeezed her own breasts and pinched her own nipples. The singing got louder. It sounded more like moans of pain than singing, and as Sebastian focused on a couple of women, he saw that they were really hurting themselves. They moaned in pain as they pinched and twisted their nipples between their fingers.

Then their ‘song’ changed.

They all dropped to their knees, spread their legs and leaned back, still swaying their bodies. Fingers found clits and wet entrances. Their song changed to cries of passion and pleasure, and each woman cried out when she reached her climax. Those must be the unearthly sounds the villagers heard: the orgasmic cries of the witches in the woods, carried to the village on through the trees.

Sebastian squirmed, trying to ignore his own excitement. What he had just witnessed, was a forbidden ritual between those who had been abandoned from the village. The witches. He had recognized some of them. He had to leave without them seeing him. He had to get back to the village and tell his father what he had seen. The villagers had to know what those witches did here. He just hoped his own excitement would be gone before he reached the village.

He took a step back, and just muffled a cry when two arms closed around him from behind.
“Enjoyed the scene, young man?”
She didn’t wait for an answer, but pushed him into the light of the clearing.
“We’ve got ourselves a curious one again,” she announced. Naked women, some still in the throes of their passion, immediately jumped up and surrounded him.

How it happened, he would never be able to understand or tell, but soon Sebastian was naked and there was no hiding his erection anymore. Not even the fearful situation could dampen his excitement. They tied him to a low altar, his arms stretched out above his head; his legs spread. One by one the women the women touched him. Pulled on his cock; licked it, sucked it. Sebastian begged them to stop. Begged them to let him go, but none of them paid any attention to his pleas.

When the first woman stepped onto the altar and lowered her cunt over his erection, Sebastian wanted to die of shame. The next followed, then the next and the next. By the tenth Sebastian wanted to die of desire. He needed so much to climax, but he couldn’t. His balls were tight, painfully tight. They fucked him harder now; each women reaching a climax with him buried deep inside their cunts. His moans changed to cries, his cries to screaming as he begged them to let him come. From his own mouth he recognized the unearthly sounds he always heard in the village, and he realized how wrong they all had been. Who else had been tortured by these witches before?

Sebastian woke in his own bed the next morning. He joined his father, mother and siblings for breakfast.
“Those sounds were terrible again last night,” his mother said.
“They were,” his father agreed.
Sebastian reached for the bread and gasped. Involuntarily his hand reached for his crotch, which was tender and sore. Both his father and mother looked at him, questions in their eyes.

“I must have slept right through it,” he said, and tried to keep his face straight, not to show the pain he felt. He reached for the bread again, and busied himself with buttering it. His mind raced around in circles. Why was he so sore down there? Back in his room he dropped his pants and was appalled when he saw the bruising on his cock. Did he wank himself in his sleep? Sebastian closed his hand around his limp member and his eyes grew in surprise when it instantly turned hard. Leaning against his bedroom door, he wanked himself. Images of naked women fucking him filled his head. He had no idea where it came from, but enjoyed the fantasy and climaxed hard.

Later that day, he walked towards the woods and roamed from tree to tree, bush to bush, trying to spot small wildlife and birds. Pure by accident he found a clearing in the woods. The freshly disturbed earth told him that the sounds his parents spoke about might have come from there. Retreating his steps back towards the village, he marked the trees, determined to be here the next time the moon was full.

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