The Mist

Glorious sunshine poured through the high, rectangular window when she stepped from the shower. The air was thick with the steam from her hot shower, and combined with the sunlight it almost blinded her. She blinked a couple of times to get her eyes to get used to the glare.

A shadowed silhouette, deep in the fog.

Mallory’s eyes grew wide and she strained to keep them open, but the shape seemed to be gone. The fog was still to thick to see the wall on the other side of the bathroom, barely two meters away from her. Mallory grabbed the smaller of the two towels, bent forward, and twisted and turned it around her head to cover her hair. As she threw her hair back, the silhouette was back. She stared at it, but seconds later she doubted what she had seen. The misty fog seemed to constantly move with the rays of the sun on it.

Shouldn’t it be gone by now?

“Stop being silly, Mal,” she whispered.
She wrapped the larger towel around her and stepped out of the shower, onto the bath mat, into the mist. Her eyes strained to find the silhouette, but there was nothing. Relief washed through her, but quickly turned into panic. Something cold and snakelike curled around her thighs and pulled her down, until she was on her knees on the bath mat, her legs spread wide. The towel wasn’t big enough to cover her naked sex, now spread wide. Mallory screamed, but there was no sound.

She looked around frantically, trying to see something in the mist, but there was nothing. Or was there? Was that… a shape? Panic tore at her heart when her body was pushed forward until her face rested on the floor. Her bottom was up in the air, her legs spread wide. Mallory’s mouth opened in another soundless scream as her cunt was penetrated and at the same time there was a pressure against her anus. She wanted to move away, but invisible ties kept her in place.

Ever so slowly her other hole was penetrated too. Silent tears streamed from her eyes and disappeared in the fabric below her. Moments later a warm suction covered Mallory’s clitoris. Even though she didn’t want to, Mallory moaned at how good it felt. Her muscles relaxed and whatever was slowly opening her, now slipped in deep.

Mallory’s cries of terror turned to cries of passion. Where moments before she wanted to get away, she now encouraged the invaders of her body to fuck her. Her fear for the shape in the mist has turned to pure, unadulterated lust. She couldn’t see the thing anymore, but she knew it was there. It was using her in a way she had fantasized about many times, but had never thought she would ever experience. In her fantasies it was…

Her eyes flew open. The moment the thought started forming in her mind, one tendril slid around her waist and another around her chest. The upper one squeezed her breasts while the one around her waist lifted her body from the floor. Hanging in midair, Mallory was at mercy of the beast that had her in its claws.



That was her deep, dark fantasy.

To be used.

By tentacles.

Mallory shuddered as her orgasm seemed to consume her body and left her legs weak and wobbly. She closed her eyes, sighed deep and turned the faucet. Opening the shower curtain, she was mildly disappointed when the bathroom seemed as normal as ever.

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10 thoughts on “The Mist

  1. Tentacles!! I love me some tentacle smut, especially when they creep up, take what they want, then vanish. The thought of a multi appendaged being that lives to fuck then move on does funny things to me <3

  2. I have definitely had fantasies that I have played out in my mind in such a way that have felt very alive to me so I really like how you wrote this and then revealed at the end that she was playing with it in her mind… or was she 😉


  3. Ghost tentacles! What a very intriguing thought. I didn’t think tentacles were my thing but now I’m sitting here thinking about it and…..yeah…. 😉

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