Sinful Snorkeling

It has been years since she last had a vacation. The last time was with Roger, about three months before she discovered he had been fucking his secretary for longer than she cared to know. In the years after he had moved out Sencha poured herself into her work, and kept on telling herself that a vacation all by herself would be boring.

Until this year. This year she impulsively booked a trip to a resort and now after the first week, Sencha realized she had denied herself far too much in the past years. Good thing she still had ten days to go before she had to fly home again. The sound of voices around her drowned in the blue water of the pool as she closed her eyes and slowly drifted off.

* * * * *

Sencha had no idea how long she had been asleep. She stretched her body, got up, grabbed her towel and walked to the entrance of the hotel. The bright orange signs in the lobby immediately caught her attention. She stopped to read: Join us for a day of snorkeling. Instructor included.

She smiled at the last bit. Would those who paid for the day of snorkeling be allowed to take the instructor home? Her smile broadened. Sencha walked to the counter and half an hour later, back in her room, she doubted the wisdom of her decision to go snorkeling.

However, the next morning she was on time for the bus and an hour later, she knew the ins and outs of the snorkeling mask. Sencha was a bit nervous at first, but once she was in the water and swam down to the coral reef, she was in awe of the beauty. She looked left and right and spotted a couple of brightly colored fish and every now and then she saw one of her fellow snorkelers enjoying the beauty too.

Sencha swam about a meter above the ocean floor, still slowly turning her gaze from left to right, when she saw two feet in the sand in front of her. Her eyes moved up to the lower legs, the knees, the upper legs and…

… her mouth fell open.

She almost swam right into a rigid cock. The man in front of her was deliberately stroking himself, oblivious of her presence. She just about managed to avoid contact with him. Her right foot kicked against his thigh. Sencha turned around and gestured her apology. The man looked at her and she recognized the instructor.

Sencha knew she should be outraged but something forgotten stirred inside her.

That evening she signed up for snorkeling again. In the ocean the next day she had less attention for the coral reef, but kept an eye on the instructor’s movements. Yesterday on their way back to the hotel and that morning in the bus, they kept on stealing glances at each other.

They both knew.

He swam away from the group but constantly checked to see if Sencha followed. She did. Far away from the rest he stopped. Sencha stopped in front of him and pulled his pants down. He was hard already. He wanted to touch her too but she pushed his hands away. All she wanted was to feel his cock in her hand.

The next day she followed him again. In the same spot as the previous day, she pulled her bikini top up; her bottoms down. His hands read her body like a book of braille, learning about her erect nipples and the slick desire between her legs.

It was only the next day that he fucked her. Not in the ocean though, but in her hotel bed, in the shower, in front of the window and against the door. He did it again the next day, and every day until the end of her holiday.

On her flight back home, she closed her eyes and relived many of the moments she had with him: she couldn’t take him home with her, but she definitely had the full all-inclusive experience!

Thank you to one of the lovely ladies at our regular hangout for the inspiration for this story.

© Rebel’s Notes

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  1. I need snorkelling lessons now. Swimming into a situation like this would tick a zillion boxes for me, though I don’t think I’d have made it out of the ocean before getting some sex, lol <3

  2. If I had the money and no responsibilities that story would be enough to have be booking a holiday to somewhere that offered snorkelling. Very sexy indeed!

  3. Such a unique idea for a story! I love to read something different to anything I’ve read before. Especially when it is this hot!
    Aurora x

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