Sixty-Nine Pleasures

“Come on!”
Adrienne grabbed her friend’s hand and pulled her towards the couch. They had classes all morning, and were planning to study together like they had been doing for years. Adrienne and Nancy had been friends since kindergarten. They went to the same school and now attended the same university, both studying to become physiotherapists.

It was in the first year of their study, during one of the practical classes, that they discovered there were more than just friendship between them. In class they were taught techniques to relief pain in a patient, and that afternoon after class they had locked themselves in Adrienne’s bedroom to practice those techniques. Soon both of them were naked and their touching had nothing to do with physiotherapy anymore. It was Adrienne that had suddenly said: “Let’s masturbate together.”

That first time they were still shy, lying side by side while they fingered and caressed themselves. The next time they moved on to pushing their feet together and watching what the other was doing while they masturbated. This had been their go-to position for a long time before they finally touched each other.

This afternoon Adrienne had something else in mind. They had the house to themselves as her parents were at work, which is why she pulled Nancy towards the couch. Still standing, the young women kissed. Adrienne’s hands worked on the buttons and zippers of Nancy’s clothing and quickly undressed herself once her friend was naked.

“I want to try something new,” Adrienne said with a shy smile. She had always been the one to take the lead.

Before Nancy could say anything, Adrienne lay down on the couch, on her back.
“Straddle me,” she invited Nancy. She helped her friend to move closer, until Nancy’s crotch was close to her breasts.
“Now lean forward so I can kiss your pussy.”
Nancy did as she was told. Adrienne didn’t only kiss, but ran her tongue between her friends labia, tasting her excitement. She wriggled her body until Nancy was straddling her face. Adrienne smelled Nancy’s arousal and felt the wetness pooling between her own legs. With her arms around Nancy’s thighs, she pulled the cunt above her face closer and covered it with her mouth, her tongue turning circles on and over the flesh she sucked in.

Adrienne stopped, startled by the force in Nancy’s voice.
“I’m so sorry, I know…” she started to apologize when Nancy got off the couch.
“Shhhht,” Nancy hushed her, “I just want to have some fun too.”

Two anime girlsNancy straddled Adrienne’s face again but this time she faced the other side. As she lowered her crotch towards Adrienne’s face, she lowered her own face towards Adrienne’s crotch. Soon the room was filled with sounds of sucking and lapping, and moans from two girls discovering more of each other’s bodies. They didn’t stop until their bodies were sweaty and their cunts sated.

Lying on the couch, side by side, still naked and recovering from their lovemaking, Nancy spoke. Her voice was a whisper, and a shy smile played around her mouth: “That’s called a sixty-nine.”
“What is?” Adrienne asked.
“The way we licked each other, the position.”
Adrienne smiled, kissed Nancy and said: “I don’t care what it’s called, but let’s do it again!”

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