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The moment I start writing this post, there’s still 152 days 21 hours 12 minutes and some odd seconds left before Eroticon 2019 starts. For us it literally starts two days earlier, as we always fly towards the location of the conference on the Thursday before. Next year we might even fly there on the Wednesday, but that still has to be decided. By the time this post goes live, there will only be 150 days left.

Can you tell I am excited to go to Eroticon?

About two weeks ago I learned about another reason to be excited… and nervous!

Back when Eroticon was hosted in Bristol, for two years I had sent in pitches for talks, but none of those pitches were accepted. For the 2018 version I haven’t sent in any pitches, but I did so for Eroticon 2019. Those two pitches weren’t accepted, and I will lie if I say I am not disappointed, but I do understand that it might not fit the overall message for the 2019 conference. I will just try again for the 2020 version, and probably keep on trying after that.

But, I am delighted to tell you that I will still be a speaker at Eroticon, despite my pitches not being accepted. The what and how of it will become clear once the Eroticon 2019 program is online on the Eroticon site, but in the meantime I have been announced as a speaker.

Badge for Speaker at Eroticon 2019

Now you know I barely show my face on my site, but of course I needed to send in a photo for my speaker announcement. I could have chosen to send the logo of my website, or a photo where my face is blurred out, but since we always wear black lanyards (which means one’s face can be photographed) at Eroticon, I decided to send in a photo showing my face, or at least some of it.

Does this feel like a coming out?

Yes, in a way it sure does.

However, I will still not share that image her on this site. You will have to hop over to the Eroticon site to see it.

This post is only to tell you that I am mighty excited to finally be a speaker at Eroticon, but the nerves have already set in!

Are you coming to Eroticon?

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