Girly Pink

Nothing’s too girly and nothing’s too masculine. But I do love color, and maybe that’s a little girly – especially pink.
~ Stacy London

Months ago, Indie let us know that she was planning a trip to Europe and she asked if there were people who would want to meet her. Since she said she was also coming to Amsterdam, I jumped at the opportunity to at least have drinks with her. This past Friday we finally meet. Bless Indie for traveling quite a bit to meet us. Since Master T can’t walk far, I needed to find a location where I could drop him in front of the door, before I park the car. I chose a hotel close to the airport, but only reachable by a shuttle or public transport, since Indie said she didn’t mind to travel a bit. The moment she arrived, conversation started and we didn’t stop until the moment we all hugged each other goodbye, knowing this would never happen again.

Of course, during the hours we had drinks, Indie and I went down to the girly ladies room and took some pictures. None of them with nudes, since women walked in and out all the time.

The images are definitely not of good quality, since they were made with our mobile phones, but these are all memory of the one time we met! Thank you, Indie, for coming out to meet us!

Girly pink ladies room
Showing the girly pink ladies room. The doors to all the stalls were the same pink, and there were mirrors everywhere…

I did, however, sneak in a quick snap of a nipple while Indie withdrew into one of the stalls, and just before another woman entered the ladies room…

A quick show of nipple
This will never be a favorite image of my breast, but hey, I did manage to show some flesh in a public place! Long time ago since this last happened…

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21 thoughts on “Girly Pink

  1. sounds like a fun meeting – lovely ladies toilet – not that i have seen many 🙂 glad to see that you were able to bare a nipple though

  2. I bet you’re a blast to hang out with in the ladies Your natural flash of pink is much lovelier to me than all things colored pink.

  3. The ladies room does indeed look girly and fun! You guys look great (the back to back picture reminded me of the iconic ABBA video!)
    It was lovely of you guys to facetime me during your meet – was great to ‘meet minds’ with you xx

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