My Eyes Adored You

(Content warning: unwanted, unknown attention.)

My eyes adored you though I never laid a hand on you
My eyes adored you like a million miles away from me
You couldn’t see how I adored you
So close, so close and yet so far

From the first moment they sat together in the lecture hall, Dale had his eyes on Lacey. Her unruly dark brown curls caught his attention first, but there were so many other things he liked about her. Her stylish clothing, her devotion to her studies and her friendly manners. Not only to some, but to everyone. She didn’t seem to have any special friends in class, but she was friendly towards all her fellow-students.

From the first moment he saw her, he adored her.

It wasn’t sexual. Not at first.

Dale, despite his sturdy frame and attractive face, wasn’t one of the popular guys, and no one seemed to notice him. He always kept to the background and was just as serious about his studies than Lacey was. Many times during breaks he had attempted to approach Lacey, who mostly sat in the corner of the canteen, her nose buried in a book while she at a sandwich. Each attempt failed, because Dale couldn’t get himself to stand up from where he sat several meters away.

He adored her. He wanted to be her friend, wanted to get to know her better. Dale just didn’t have the guts to talk to her. Deep inside he feared she wouldn’t be as friendly towards him as she was towards everyone else. He had no idea where this fear came from, but it was in his head as a constant pulsing headache. A mantra he continuously repeated to himself.

He accidentally found her on a dating site. An intense jealousy took hold of him. How could she do this to him. Couldn’t she see just how much he adored her? That he worshiped the ground she walked on? How dare she look for another when he was right there?

Tapping away at his keys, Dale watched as numbers and words flashed across his screen. The less success he had, the quicker his fingers seemed to move over the keyboard. Finally, with a sigh and a grin, Dale sat back. There, on his screen, was Lacey. Behind her he saw the frame of her bed, and a soft light surrounded her. From the frown between her eyebrows it seemed Lacey was deep in thought. She looked sideways, stretched her arm and moments later she looked back at the screen. Her frown deepened, then she put a pencil between her teeth and seemed to be typing again. As she did, she leaned closer, and Dale could see the perfect rounding of her breasts as the top she was wearing flared open.

It wasn’t sexual at first, but now it was.

Dale’s eyes were fixed on his screen, and as he watched Lacey – which seemed to be busy with an assignment for college, his excitement built. But, it was over soon. Lacey yawned, closed her laptop and Dale’s visual connection to her was gone. He waited for a while to see if she would return, but she didn’t. That night he masturbated, visions of the rounding of Lacey’s breasts in his mind.

Dale went to college the next day, and the next, and the day after, but seeing Lacey in class and interacting with others in her quiet manner, was not the same as seeing her on his screen. He wanted to be closer to her, and in class he couldn’t connect to her webcam. He had to wait until evenings, when she was in her room, studying or interacting online with… friends? Potential lovers?

His jealousy consumed him, and the more he saw of Lacey, the more he wanted her. Most nights she sat on her bed in a skimpy top and all he could see was the rounding of her breasts. That was enough to give him a boner, but the nights where she worked at her desk, still wearing her day clothes were the best. Those were the nights where she changed into her skimpy top and pajama shorts with her laptop open. Dale loved watching her peel her clothes off. It was as if she stripped for him. Piece by piece she discarded of her clothes, until she stood naked. Sometimes she cupped her breasts; sometimes her pussy. He loved the wiggling of her breasts as she moved, and the roundness of her bottom, which she always turned towards him as she retrieved things from her closet. Oh and when she bent over…

This night Dale is watching her undress for him, and as she did, he stroke his cock, thinking of her cunt, her bottom, her tits. One day, this will not be enough, and he will approach her for more… Dale’s dark thoughts pushed him over the edge, just as Lacey grabbed the laptop and sat down on the bed, a huge smile on her face as she looked at something (or someone?) on her screen.

Dale moaned. Why, why did he not have the guts to go to her? He knew what he was doing was wrong, sick, but he couldn’t stop himself. He had to have her, and this was the only way he could. This was the closest he could be with Lacey.

Or was it?

My eyes adored you though I never laid a hand on you
My eyes adored you like a million miles away from me
You couldn’t see how I adored you
So close, so close and yet so far

© Rebel’s Notes

8 thoughts on “My Eyes Adored You

  1. Really enjoyed this as it built. It is creepy. But I’ve had fantasies of someone watching – the cctv camera in shop changing rooms; the cctv guys at airports, but never unknowingly at home. That really makes me wonder about my exhibitionism. Reminds me of a legal case in a uk university halls of residence where one student put up cameras in the shared bathroom and another case where a landlord put some in mirrors in student bedrooms (or something like that).

  2. This could well be creepier than any Halloween stories I’ve read thus far. That knowing smile has me convinced that Lacey knows or at least suspects, though, so that definitely adds an edge of sexy to his disturbing behaviour.x

  3. I found this to be really fascinating yet so creepy at the same time, as we watched him watch her, and the suggestion that maybe she saw him too, or sensed him.

  4. and people wonder why I have a piece of paper taped over my camera…
    It is a fascinating age we live in and yet it is becoming easier and easier to break into someone’e world without them knowing.
    This is brilliant and provocative

  5. Well, you’ve creeped me out AND reminded me what male entitlement can look like when taken too far. And also, I’m desperate to know more!

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