Chinese Legs

Lay next to me with your rugged hands, grab my waist and pull my hair and whisper harshly in my ear… “Spread your legs.”
~ Unknown

Legs in net tights against wall
But, I can also keep my legs together, right?

I have been shopping on a Chinese site quite a lot, and have acquired multiple sets of net tights. They are not always good, as some of them doesn’t have the stretch they should, but these ones were perfect, and I love the design. Paired with my new shoes and a short dress, I felt sexy and cool all at the same time!

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17 thoughts on “Chinese Legs

  1. Beautiful legs and a lovely pair of tights. Something about a good pair of hose on a woman’s legs….

  2. Ok someone send me a DM please with info on which Chinese site. I was well on the way to being a tights slut after my day out with @posychurchgate at Camden Market but this gorgeous set – so deliciously presented – has confirmed it!

  3. Your legs and these tights are SUPER SEXY…would love to see the entire ensemble, paired with shoes and skirt!!

  4. Love your composition against the plain white background – gorgeous! I’m also a fan of a certain Chinese website… lingerie bargains aplenty! ?

  5. That quote made me go unf. Very cute tights though. I’ve brought some stuff from a Chinese site and it’s hit or miss. I’ve gotten some really good dresses though

  6. Really nice image, Marie
    Love the tights, they show your legs off beautifully

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