Ruling The World

Rules, they are everywhere. There isn’t an aspect of our lives that isn’t governed by them. Every way we turn, everywhere we go, there is someone telling us what we can and cannot do and how we are expected to behave, and what the consequences of failing to keep to those rules may be.

As you all know I live in the Netherlands, and I can tell you, this is a country with a LOT of rules. For whatever you can come up with, there is a set of rules, whether it’s for electricity, for renting or buying a house, for getting a loan, going to the hospital, going to work, driving on the road, immigration, emigration, … you name it, there are rules. Many people complain about it, and honestly, I sometimes do too. You see, there are rules for integration too, and since I am an immigrant (technically speaking, despite being 50% Dutch), I had to integrate. I integrated so well that I can complain just as much as the ‘real Dutch’ can (joking!).

But seriously… there are a lot of rules.

And you know what?

I like it.

I like knowing what to do. I like knowing there are boundaries. No, I don’t alway like the rules there are, but I understand that without the rules there is chaos, and if there is something I hate, it’s chaos!

What is your attitude to rules? Do you follow them completely? Do you bend them? Are they there to be broken?

I cannot think of one situation in which I thought that rules are there to be broken. This is not to say that I have never broken any rules, but I have never done so deliberately. I may sometimes bend the rules a bit, but mostly I follow the rules completely. Like I said above, I like that rules give me the boundaries, that it tells me what to do. I am an intelligent woman and I can think for myself and make my own decisions, but still I like to have rules and follow them as closely as I can.

Do you have any self-imposed rules that you live your life by? Do you ever break these?

Self imposed rules mostly are about the chores that need to be done at home, the weekly tasks. I follow them as closely as possible, but I never allow them to rule my life. So yes, it might be that I sometimes break them, like if I have decided that I have to vacuum clean the house once a week, I might sometimes skip a week because we have a nice outing planned or I have a busy writing weekend. Somehow I do break the rules I set for myself, but I never break rules others have set for me. Ha! I think that’s quite funny, only realizing this now!

Within your relationship, are there rules you abide by? Who sets these? Have you ever broken them and, if so, was it deliberate? What are the consequences of rule breaking in this context?

Yes, I do have rules in my relationship with Master T, because of the D/s nature of our relationship. However, at this moment those rules do not apply. Technically you can say that I am breaking those rules, but I am not, because Master T has given me a free reign for as long as he is not up to any kind of D/s things. The only rule that still applies daily is me sleeping with my collar.

All rules we have in our relationship had been set by Master T. When everything is as it should be and I break one of those rules, there are consequences. I have written about them a lot in the past. I once have been told to go to work without a bra for a full week, something I hated, but another punishment once had been to wear a buttplug to work, another thing I hated.

I would not have liked to have rules if there were no consequences when I broke them. That would have just been so useless!


Writing the above made me realize how much I like rules. I don’t like setting the rules, but I do like when they are set for me. I had been a manager at my work for 12 years, but that stopped just after the summer this year. I now have a manager and I am just ‘one of the girls’ and you know what? It has brought me some peace. I don’t have to constantly keep an eye out if everyone is following the rules I have set. No, I just have to follow the rules… and I like that a lot. It’s cause for much less stress…

I really never want to rule the world!

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  1. It’s sometimes surprising just how many rules there are by which we live our lives. Ironically, as much as we like to complain about them, far from restricting us, in many respect they make our lives easier by giving us guidance on what is both expected and accepted.

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