Finally Together

Gail leaned against the closed door, looking at Steve standing in front of her. She had never thought she would get this far, meeting him in a hotel room. Both of them knew what they wanted. What had started out as an attraction and as a way for Gail to make her life more interesting, now seemed to have turned into a full-blown affair.

Many times in the past weeks she had felt the frustration rising to levels she could barely handle. When she suggested a meeting to Steve to finish what he had started, he seemed full of enthusiasm at first, but then it was like he stalled. It was only a week ago, when she had told him that if he didn’t want to meet in a hotel room he should say so, that this appointment was made. All the time Gail kept in mind that he might cancel on her, which would have been a clear sign that it was not meant to be and she should put a stop to it.

But now they were here, together.

Steve took her hand and lead her to the bed. He pulled her into his embrace and kissed her. It started out slow, but soon the passion took over. Steve pushed her onto the bed, and from his pocket, he pulled a blindfold and put it over her eyes. Then he slowly undressed her, running his hands over her body, pinching her nipples and dragging his finger through her wet folds. She was ready for him. He stepped back from the bed, and Gail heard the rustling of his clothes as he moved around in the room, obviously getting naked too. She wondered why it took so long, but the moment she felt his body against hers, that was all that mattered.

The air in the room was thick with their lust and anticipation.

“Where were we?” Steve said, but he didn’t wait for an answer. “Two men, ready to take you in different ways. Your ass at the edge of the bed, a cock pressing at your entrance.”

Gail sighed, feeling his erection pressing against her. She arched her back and spread her legs. God, she wanted this so much!

“Your blindfold is removed. You see the two men and the twinkle in your eyes showed how much you enjoyed this.”

Steve kissed her, and moved away. He pulled her to the edge of the bed.

“A cock pressed against your wet cunt.”

Gail sighed when she felt the tip of his cock in her wetness, his hands pinning her arms to the bed. Then something pressed against her mouth and momentarily Gail was confused.

“Open your mouth Gail,” Steve said and instinctively she did. A cock entered her mouth the same time Steve pushed between her wet folds. She wanted to remove the blindfold but her arms were kept in place.
“Let go, Gail. Just let go,” Steve said.
Gail wanted to fight this, but then she thought about how much she wanted this. It has always been a fantasy to be used by two men. She had no idea who the other man was, but she trusted Steve. Her body relaxed and when the man lay down next to her, she followed his cock, half turning on her side, but keeping her legs spread for Steve to fuck her. This was a sign to both the men.

Gail eagerly suck the cock in her mouth, taking it in deep and even deeper with each slap on her bottom. The slaps stopped, her one leg was lifted and plug slowly pushed inside again. Then the slapping continued, simultaneously landing on her bottom and her breasts. Steve pulled out and helped Gail to get on her knees before he entered her again. The plug moved inside each time he thrusted in. The cock in her mouth touched the back of her throat and she gagged, tears filling her eyes. If she could, she would have smiled. A fantasy was being fulfilled.

Steve pulled the plug from her arse and pushed two fingers inside. They followed the rhythm of her head bobbing up and down over the cock in her mouth. The fingers disappeared, and were replaced by the cock that had just pulled out of her cunt. Gail pushed her bottom backwards, inviting the cock in. A deep sigh, filled with passion and pleasure, escaped her mouth. She reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit.

Many sensations filled her body and mind, and Gail felt the disappointment when the cocks pulled out of her body. She was pulled back against Steve’s chest and turned her head to offer him her mouth. They kissed deeply, then he pushed her towards the other man again, who helped her to straddle him. His cock had a familiar feel when he filled her cunt, and soon Steve entered her from behind again.

Gail moaned loudly as the two cocks pumped in and out of her in a beautiful rhythm. She leaned forward and found the mouth of the man under her. They kissed, and while they did, he removed the blindfold from her eyes. The rhythm of their fucking increased, bringing Gail to a point where she could barely comprehend anything. She pushed away from the man to support herself on her arms, and saw Frederick. Her mind didn’t process it, until her orgasm tore through her body, cocks twitched and balls emptied their loads.

Only then Gail was able to speak.
“Shhh my love, I know. I know.”
Hours later, having learned that Frederick and Steve had been buddies for longer than Gail knew Steve, and all of what had happened had been planned by her husband, Gail lay between the two men and couldn’t remember when last she had been so happy. She looked from one to the other with a mischievous grin on her face: “Who of you wants to suck my cunt?”

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  1. UNF, I love this. I love that there are two. I love that there’s a legit connection. I love that she trusted one to bring the second, and he brought the right person. I loooooooooove everything about this.

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