Taking All Of It

Content warning: harsh punishment

They met each other at a club. Yva was looking for a man to dominate her, and where Simon wasn’t looking for a sub – he had his wife, after all – there was a click between them. After a long conversation they made their agreement: Yva would visit him at home once a month, and under certain conditions their agreement would be annulled.

One of those conditions was when Yva disappeared without any explanation.

She did.

For four months she didn’t visit Simon and never called to tell him where she was. It turned out that she had met someone, but once again, like so man times before, it had not worked out. She sat on the couch with Simon next to her.

“As if all I am good for is sex,” Yva sighed.
“So, it’s another one that just left?” Simon asked.
“Then maybe that is all you are good for: sex.”
Yva allowed the humiliating words to wash over here. In a way Simon felt sorry for her. Obviously Yva had hoped that the relationship could grow into something, but now she had no boyfriend and technically their agreement was over. She had now come to explain where she was and it was clear that she wanted to reinstate their agreement. For the last half an hour Simon had humiliate her repeatedly, and he was quite sure it had left her wet. He had allowed his wife to stay in the room, making it even more humiliating for Yva.

“What can I do?”
This was the question Simon had expected. He quietly looked at her for a couple of seconds, stood up and put a new toy on the table. It was a wooden dildo of about twenty centimeters long and five centimeters in diameter. Yva just looked at the toy and Simon allowed a long silence, waiting for Yva to break it.

“Must I take all of it, Master?”
This was exactly what Simon had expected, that Yva would want to bargain with him to get their agreement in place again. Either this or a harsh punishment with the cane.
“In my cunt, Master.”
“No, but I want it in your arse.”
Fear flashed across Yva’s face.
“I cannot handle that, Master.”
“That’s a pity.”

Silence again. Yva squirmed in her seat, clearly not knowing what she should do.
“I’m not that big there, Master.”
“That’s not my problem, but you are free to go.”
With these words, Simon got up.
“I want to try, Master.”
“Get her ready,” Simon told his wife, “with her arms tied above in the hoist and the stretcher bar between her feet.”

Both women were naked when Simon entered the play room. Yva was tied and ready according to his instructions. Simon put the wooden dildo on a stool and put it under Yva. It was clear that she was nervous. On his mark, Simon’s wife applied lubricant to the dildo and to Yva’s opening. Simon helped Yva to lower herself towards the dildo, which now just touched her opening. The stretcher bar made it hard for Yva to support her body with her legs, which meant that she now hung on the ropes in the hoist. Simon left her hanging and listened to her breathing accelerating. Yva closed her eyes as if she could imagine the pain that would follow.

“Pull her open.”
His wife sat down behind Yva and pulled her buttocks sideways so that the tip of the dildo now pressed against her arsehole. Simon slightly lowered the hoist, while Yva fiercely tried to support herself on her legs.

“Work on it.”
Yva moved her opening against the dildo and the other woman helped her as much as possible. A bit of the dildo pushed inside. Yva’s face showed her pain.
“Come on, push. Get it inside.”
“I am not big enough, Master.”
Simon’s reply was to lower the hoist a centimeter or two. Yva moaned.
“Rub her clit!”
His wife immediately obeys and started to rub Yva’s clit.
“Is she wet?”
Fingers entered Yva’s cunt and his wife nodded: “Very wet.”

“Don’t let her come!”
Yva’s reactions changed. The stimulation of her cunt urged her to try and push herself over the dildo. Simon lowered the hoist a bit more and Yva once again tried to support herself on her legs.
“Stop fingering her and pull her open again.”
Yva pulled on the ropes and screamed loud.
“It’s in,” his wife said.
“And you couldn’t handle it,” Simon said, looking at Yva.
“I did manage, Master,” she answered.
“But we’re not there yet,” Simon said.
“Why not, Master?”
“I want the full length in you. Sit on it.”
“Does it have to be in me completely, Master?”
“That’s what I said.”

Fear was back on Yva’s face. She now only had the first centimeters in her, but having the full monster dildo inside seemed impossible to her.
“Come on, start. She will help you.”
Simon waited for Yva to find some support on her legs and for his wife to keep her in balance, before he lowered the hoist completely. A rocked her body, fucking the dildo with her arse and slowly pushing it inside. Simon’s wife supported her and constantly stimulated her clit. The inevitable happened: with an elongated roar Yva climaxed and lowered herself completely over the dildo. Her breathing was raging as if she had run a marathon.

“You’re right,” Simon said and looked at Yva, who looked at him incomprehensibly.
“This is all you’re good for.”

Some hours later Yva left with a smile on her face. Their agreement had been reinstated, with a couple of new conditions they had negotiated.

© Rebel’s Notes

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  1. For me it’s not that she took it that I find so hot, but that she had to have known he’d exact “payment” from her and that it would be torturous in a good/sadistic way…for me THAT’S the hottest part. 🙂

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