I was going to call this post ‘Holding On’, but since my blog is already in it’s ninth year, I always check whether I haven’t used the title before. I was surprised to find two posts with the same title, one from 2011, where I was holding onto my slut heels, and the other from 2013, where I held on to Master T’s cock. I am still very proud of the edit in the last one!

But, bottom line, I didn’t want to use the same title again, and when I looked at the image again, technically I wasn’t holding on to anything, but supporting it. Not that my small breasts need any supporting, but I love resting their weight on my hand, and feeling teh rounding of my flesh against my fingers.

supporting a naked breast
Anyone wants to help?

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12 thoughts on “Supporting

  1. I love how illuminated you are against the darkness. Very sensual and I like holding myself there too, there’s something comforting about it I think. Beautiful x

  2. We are being pleased with lots of wonderful breasts this week on Sinful a Sunday and yours are no exception!
    Missy x

  3. The title thing happened this week with my image too so I know what you mean. I love this though. I like what you have said about feeling the weight of your breast and I can relate to that. You have lovely breasts and I really like that this image looks so much like your new logo (but reversed). Almost like we got an inside peak of you.

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