Visiting A Sex Worker

I would love to!

Binnenkant van kamer op de wallen in Amsterdam

Yes, seriously, you cannot imagine how many times the thought has been in my mind to visit one of the ladies in the Red Light District in Amsterdam, but I am too much of a chicken to do so. I have even written a story, and the character in the story had much more guts than me!

Traditionally everyone always think of men going to the sex workers when you talk about Amsterdam, but surely women can go there too? I mean, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with women seeking pleasure too and paying for it? Just like one of the sex workers can refuse to do acts a man might want her to, she can also refuse to have sex with a woman, right?

My thoughts are all over the place with this, but in the end I will always be too much of a chicken to go there.

How about the other side? Would I want to be a sex worker, even in role play? This one is a lot easier to answer: no. But, I have sometimes fantasized about it, which also led to writing a story, one I still love! I guess I can see myself in the role of a sex worker, and maybe even visiting one, only when it is a pre-arranged situation like in this second story. There is no way I would spontaneously make the move myself.

There is this one deep, deep fantasy I have and that is to go to a massage parlor and to be massaged to the point of orgasm, by a stranger. I want to just be, with nothing expected of me. I want to feel the hands, feel them bringing me closer and closer to orgasm, feel them not only touching my cunt, but use every inch of my body to build towards my release. I have had a massage like this before, but since it was done by a friend, there is always the feeling that I have to do something back. Not that I mind that, but my fantasy just is as it is: to only receive and enjoy.

Some years ago I searched the Internet for massage parlors like these, where a ‘happy end’ is mentioned on the website. I have found one or two, but they seemed to be mainly focused on the happy end of men, not women. Maybe I should start my search again, but even if I find a massage parlor that ‘caters’ for women too, I am back to being a coward and would not make an appointment. This once again will have to be arranged by someone else, because I wouldn’t do it.

I have an enormous fascination and respect for sex workers, and not only because I fantasize about making use of their services.

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5 thoughts on “Visiting A Sex Worker

  1. A happy ending for you would be a happy read for us! I understand how a top level search would not be very productive, at least in the USA that kind of “service” is illegal and wouldn’t be advertised. Perhaps some leading emails or in-person wink-wink-nudge-nudge with the workers will provide an in or a point in the right direction?

  2. I would also be really interested in visiting a massage parlor that did happy endings for women! Like you say – it would be nice to just be in my body and enjoy rather than perform. If you can’t find a massage place that has this service available, you can for sure find a somatic therapist that does.

  3. Some months ago we went to Freehome where a massaging afternoon was organised. I think you would have liked it. We massaged eg a woman with 4 people synchonously. It was a marvellous experience for her (bur for us massagers too :-))

  4. sounds good to me – i dont see why a lady shouldn’t go to a massage parlour – i am guessing that there would be many many men – myself included that would love to massage a woman – but your looking for a woman massage and i think t only right that that service should be provided – good luck in your hunt even though you are too chicken to carry it through – lets hope you pluck up the courage and write about it afterwards – would make exciting reading ?

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