Risky Business

I have never thought about risky sex as a kink, but when I read the intro by Girl on the Net, I wondered whether I might have a kink for it after all. It’s not like I actively seek out the moments to have risky sex, but I don’t mind when sexy things happen where they are not supposed to happen.

So many things come to mind…

I was about fourteen when I had a short and hot relationship with a boy two years older. I lied to my parents to be able to go on holiday with him, and when staying with my aunt and uncle, I lied to them to be able to go out with him. He fingered me in the dunes, where we knew we could be caught, but he also did it in his uncle’s house, when they could walk in on us at any moment.

I think of the times when I met my crush in the drive-in back in Namibia, and while lying on the grass under a blanket, allowed him to touch me wherever he wanted. There was something just so damn sexy about doing something you thought no one would know, but now, years later I know that the others probably did exactly the same.

The first time I had proper ‘penis in vagina’ sex was in the bed of my boyfriend’s brother and sister in law. They were out working and he fucked me right there where they slept every night. I can’t remember if his brother or sister in law ever realized what had happened, but after that we had to find other places to have sex. We frequently did it in the car on the farm where he worked. He drove out to the fields and fucked me on the front seat of the truck.

Some years later, my then boyfriend and I lay together under a blanket (see a theme here) watching a movie. My mother was busy with something and walked in and out of the lounge. My boyfriend was fingering me and constantly brought me to the edge of an orgasm. I think my mom knew what we were doing, but chose not to say anything.

Once on a hiking trip in South Africa I had sex with a boyfriend on a huge rock hanging over a cliff. We were only about two or three meters from a footpath, but out of sight from the other hikers passing by. If someone would have had the same idea as we had, to look at the view over the cliff, there was no way I could have hidden my total nakedness.

Oh and there was the one time when we had a huge personnel party back in my military days and I disappeared to a room with the major. We were not supposed to be together, partly because he was a married man but mostly because he was one of my commanders, but damn, it was a sexy encounter. Pity he got cold feet!

I had a slutty period after my second divorce, where I met men in chat rooms and then made dates with them for lunch time. I had several encounters with a guy called Paul, who loved to fuck me in the back seat of his car.

Then there’s the time I met Master T in public places, but by then we were so into each other already, but neither of us wanted a formal relationship. We sat in the city center of Rotterdam, on a public bench, and right there he fingered me to several orgasms. This was not our only outside adventure. We had many more, until finally we decided we wanted to be together and our sexual encounters happened indoors.

I don’t have that many risky encounters anymore, except like this past Saturday when Mister Silent unexpectedly entered our regular hangout. He sat between me and Master T, on the corner of the bar and had his leg against mine constantly. Later on the evening his hand frequently traveled up my leg, towards my cunt, and once, while I rested my arms on the bar, he squeezed my tit to the point where I almost moaned out loud. The risky part of this is that the people behind the bar catch on that there is more between me and the ‘accidental visitor’.

Now, I wonder… maybe risky sex is a kink of mine? What do you think?

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