Developing a New Logo

Have you noticed the changes on my site yet?

A new homepage, different font, drop-down menu and the width of the site has changed. But, most of all… a new logo! This logo would not have been here, had it not been for the help of E.T. Costello. He was so kind to help me with it, even when I had some difficult requests.

In honor of the lovely artist E.T. Costello, also known as Quiller, I want to show you the process of deciding on the new logo.

I approached Quiller with my current logo, with the question whether he could change the logo I had been using since 2012 into a line drawing. I had already been playing around with the image in Photoshop, but just couldn’t get it to do what I had in mind. Quiller was immediately ready to help, so I sent him the image.


old logo image
Image used for old logo

The first questions he had was whether he should lose the dress and whether it should be done in monochrome with no hair color. I totally agreed with these suggestions, and these are the first two images he came up with.

Quiller and I agreed on one thing. The hair was just so… grey!

I asked him two things: to lose the grey and make some lines in it to indicate curls, but also whether he could ‘complete’ my head, and maybe add a shoulder. The next two images followed.

The second image, with the curls was just too messy to my liking. I wanted simpler lines, like the rest of the image.

I thought my hair looked unnatural and really wanted it to be simpler. I liked the next image more than the previous one.

However, there was still something missing, but I couldn’t quite put my finger to it. Quiller agreed on this and we decided to have a think on it. I wondered whether we shouldn’t add a face, but one thing I knew, my breasts should be on there. To me that’s the most powerful of the image. Quiller rightfully said that sticking a face in would mean that it’s not the same image anymore, and that was so true! Then I wondered if we shouldn’t leave the hair altogether.

Quiller played around with the images some more.

Neither of these images did it for me, even though I liked the curls on the first one. I still felt like something was missing.

Then Quiller sent me the next image.

I sat here, staring at it, and staring some more and the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. I asked Quiller’s opinion and he said that if I lost the hair, essentially I will be re-branding and of course this was true. He said:

However, we’ve moved so far away from that image that practically the only bits that are you (and not my flights of fancy) are your boobs!

We talked about re-branding a bit more, and then Quiller wondered if a color splash was what we needed. He did his thing and sent me the image.

I liked it, but then I started picturing the images he has sent me, together with the title of my site. I needed it to look good together. I started playing around with the images and came up with four different logos. By the time I presented them to Quiller halfway through May (we had been at this for almost a month), I had already made my decision. These where the four images I showed him.

Quiller immediately came back, saying:

Boobs on the right is really pleasing, isn’t it? Almost like a monogram… still like orange hair, but the simplicity of the second one takes it, I think.

At that moment, I knew I had made the right choice, because the logo Quiller chose was exactly the one I liked the best, as you can obviously see from the new logo of Rebel’s Notes! To say I like it, will be a HUGE understatement. I LOVE IT!

Thank you so much to Quiller for helping me with this. You have been brilliant and helpful throughout the process!

© Rebel’s Notes

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13 thoughts on “Developing a New Logo

  1. Oh wow! So interesting to see the process and hard work to get to your logo. I loved them all but definitely agree with the choice you made. I think Quiller did an absolutely fantastic job.
    Aurora x

  2. As a trained graphic artist myself, I am well aware of how exciting (and taxing) the creation of a logo can be for both client and artist. I love the new look. Kudos to you both!

  3. I so enjoyed following along on the process as you developed your logo! And you were right – I love the end result!

  4. I know I’d already mentioned that I love your new logo . . . but it was fun following your decision making process . . . and the different versions.
    And I still love the final choice !!!
    Xxx – K

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