La Vie Est Belle

This is not a sexy post. Just a snippet from my day yesterday, something I wanted to share, and it made me think of La Vie Est Belle… Life Is Beautiful.

I’m in our shopping center, just walking between the shops, wondering where I would go next. What else do I want to buy? Walking in the middle of the pathway between the shops, I watch as people approach and pass me on both sides. Some of them look at me, but don’t see me. Others don’t even notice I am there.

I watch their faces.

An old man approaches, his shoulders slumped forward, and his feet stumbling one in front of the other. He’s one of those looking at me, and I see the pain in his eyes, as much as it’s written across his face. Physical pain? Something to do with the stumbling? Or emotional pain? He’s alone. Maybe his wife…

I push the thought away as a woman caught my eye. She’s pale, but when I look at her bare legs, I saw that they are almost as white as her face. This is someone who never sits in the sun, just like me. Why? I look back at her face and see some kind of bewilderment there. She looks like someone who’s had a hard life, and now in the autumn of her life, it has overwhelmed her.

A younger woman approaches. She never once looks at any of the people coming her way, as her full attention is captured by whatever she sees on the screen of her phone. I watch as she smiles, then blushes. What sexy message has she read? Or maybe someone has sent her a sexy image? Involuntarily my hand goes to my bag, feeling for my own phone, but I leave it where it is.

A couple came toward me, walking hand in hand. He sees me and smiles, but she’s too much into him to even notice where she is. He diverts his eyes from me to her, smiles at her, lifts her hand and kiss the back of it. She blushes as she lowers her eyes, before she looks back at him. I love you her eyes say. I want you is the message in his.

The young man in the suit seems to have some place to be. His tread is quick and the expression on his face serious. I wonder if he has forgotten to buy a present for someone when I see him pop into the jewelery store.

Back home I think of all the faces I have seen, the thoughts they have evoked in me. I think about my life, how moments are mixed – happy ones, mixed with the serious and the sad; normal ones, mixed with silliness and pain. Those people I have seen all had and have their moments too. Some of them might have been sad, others in love, in pain or just in a hurry.

Life is a series of moments knitted together as we carry one… living.

Life, with its highest highs and lowest lows… life is beautiful.

© Rebel’s Notes

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