Great World

Embrace your complexity, stretch your creativity, and live up to your potential, you are what makes the world great.
~ Dan Wells

Sometimes a good stretch is necessary to loosen those muscles, but sometimes we also need to stretch the muscles in our brains, to dare to go places we have not been before, and sometimes we just have to embrace who we are and live up to our own potential to make our own worlds great.

Have you stretched today?

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14 thoughts on “Great World

  1. What a lovely picture! It really stood out in the thumbnails. I also agree with you about continuing to stretch ourselves in all ways.

  2. I love the contrasts in this image, the cold colour of the stocking over the warm tones of your body and the graphic geometric pattern against the soft curves, beautiful.

  3. And that’s what grad school is for. 😀 This is a gorgeous image – the cerulean fabric against the jet black background and your porcelain skin really grabs my attention!

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