Curved Back

Don’t ask for a light load, but rather ask for a strong back.
~ Anonymous

I have never asked for a load, not light or heavy, but life has just happened and many times my life was about surviving and pushing my own feelings away because someone (most of my life, my children) needed me to be strong. Looking at this image, and thinking of my latest appointment with the grief counselor, I realize that my back is strong. It has carried many a load and brought me to be where I am now. Despite sometimes feeling very weak, I know I am a strong woman. Life has taught me to be.

My curved back, and a nipple.
The curved line of my back made me realized how much I have already carried…

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16 thoughts on “Curved Back

  1. This image is so evocative. It rates up there as one of my favourites. Not the least because we often look for more conventionally sexier body parts but the line of your back is both strong and sensuous, and your hair, as always is such a wonderful cascade.
    And your strength and determination is also present of course. Beautiful!

  2. Beautiful. The arc of your back, the glimpse of your nipple and tattoo and the delicacy of your hair against a strong background. I really love this shot and I hope it gives you strength to see yourself looking so powerful.

  3. Such a beautiful image and the accompanying words make it even more so. I love the quote you chose as well, a lot of truth in it and a feeling I suspect many can identify with x

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