Brazilian Wax Gone Wrong

For close to a year now I have gone for a Brazilian wax every four weeks, except for a break during December 2017 and January 2018. The first couple of treatments were painful, but my skin started getting used to it and the hair got less. Yes, they still hurt but definitely less than before.

Then I went for my August treatment.

The first place my beautician always applies wax is in my groin. This time was no different. She allowed the wax to cool and then, from bottom to top she pulled it off. God, it hurt. The other side too.

I literally moaned. She applied the next strips of wax.

In the meantime I was telling her that I had been I’ll and was still kot 100% better. That I first had some kind of virus on my vestibular, then I had a cold for two days and directly after that my eyes started feeling like I constantly had sand in them. It turned out that I had a eye inflammation that was caused by… the cold virus.

“Did you take meds for any of this?” she asked while she applied more wax. She had already pulled of more wax and I had apologized for my whimpering, telling her it seemed to hurt as much as it did in the beginning.
“Yes,” I said, “I had meds for 15 days to increase the blood flow to my inner ear.
“Don’t be startled,” she warned, “but your groin has bruised. We sometimes see this in people who use blood thinners and I think the meds you take have the same effect.”

She was mortified that I had bruises and I told her not to worry.

“When did you stop taking it?”
“On Sunday.”

That was only four days earlier.

That night in bed I wanted to see how much I had bruised. I expected red spots in my groin, but was really surprised when I found proper bruises. On the right the bruise was much bigger than the left. I had never had this before.

The next day there was quite a bit of discomfort during daytime. I sat at my desk and as the day progressed, my groin hurt more and more. Thankfully the pain gradually got less, as did the bruising.

I searched for similar experiences online and saw the advice that you should immediately change salons, but this was definitely me, not her. She did nothing different than any of the previous times, so next month I will go back to her again.

And then I don’t only have a Brazilian scheduled, but also a facial and a shoulder massage. I can hardly wait!

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8 thoughts on “Brazilian Wax Gone Wrong

  1. Oh man. I’ve gotten a bit of a buzz from the pain after having gone a while between waxes, but no bruising. Medicine (and your body still recovering from sickness) could very much be the culprit. At least you know it wasn’t her technique that caused it

  2. Poor you Marie – that looks and sounds painful, but I agree that your relationship with your beautician is good and it would seem that the incident is more to do with the side effect of your medication not her technique. I seriously hope next time is better and I bet the other treatments will be bliss!

  3. Sorry to hear you had this experience with your waxing, I think your waxing lady sounds great though. The fact she could reassure and asked the questions needed to explain what had happened and why is an indicator of her being good at her job i would say. Plus we live and learn, not only do you know should you be in this position again, but thanks to a great blog post now we all know too 🙂

  4. Holy cow – I’ve never heard of this. Then again, I’ve never been brave enough to get any kind of waxing. May your next appointment be a much more positive experience, and I hope the facial and massage make up for last time! x

  5. I do know what you mean about the pain . . . though I have never suffered from bruising etc.
    My reaction is normally to squeal with laughter, rather than scream with the pain. But everyone at my salon knows me now so they are all quite used to my “loud” reactions.
    Like you I visit regularly . . . I suspect (and hope) that the bruising may just be a one-off due to your medication . . . fingers-crossed you’ll have less of a problem on your next visit.
    Xxx – K

  6. Oh no! my only experience with a Brazilian was simply mortifying and i never went back! i hope at least it isn’t painful. Glad you are feeling better.

  7. lets hope that the next brazilian is kinder to you – do talk to the lady that does your regular treatment as you obviously know her quite well and she may suggest that when you take medication that you wait a bit longer before being treated – as Mark says would sugaring be a better option – still seems painful to me 🙂 good luck very best wishes

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