Too Much Alone Time

As I start to write this, I am horny and desperately in need of a good fuck. You know, one of those where you don’t have to think, but where things just happen and it’s hot and sexy and filthy and just so damn satisfying.

Sadly, chances that such a fuck will happen is very slim.

Which means, I will have to do it myself if I want to satisfy the need in me. I have accepted that Master T’s libido is way, way down. It’s better to accept it and just wait for the moments that he is in the mood, because if I don’t, it will only make me unhappy.

So, to get to the questions for this week…

How often to you indulge yourself? How do you do it? Fingers? Toys? A combination?

I indulge at least once a week. Mostly I do it in bed, just before we go to sleep and always when I am alone. I never masturbate when Master T is with me, as his mind is still not into sex at all. I actually never use my fingers. To me masturbation is a functional thing. I’m horny and I want to come to get rid of the ‘tension’ in my body (and mind, because it become the only thing I can think about). I use my Womanizer and always watch porn clips.

Do you have any particular tricks or techniques that work best for you?

My main goal when I masturbate is to have an orgasm, and to have it as quickly as possible, but also to enjoy it. The combination of my Womanizer and porn clips, combined with me wriggling my legs and hips to make the toy ‘move’ a bit always does the trick. I cannot just lie there and let the Womanizer ‘suck’ me. I need to feel the movement. And, my mind does a lot too, because while I watch the clip I sort of ‘talk’ to myself in my head, about how much I would like to have the things done to me that I see on my screen.

Why do you do it? Are there any particular scenarios or circumstances that mean you are more likely to indulge yourself?

I only do it to get off, to get rid of the tension in my body. I would never just start masturbating because I like the feeling. There’s always this urge in me and I know the only thing that will satisfy it is an orgasm. Back when our sex life was still rich and full, I only masturbated when Master T took my hand and put it on my cunt to replace his.

One scenario where I do get into masturbating even if the urge wasn’t there before, is when I have my solo photo sessions. Those always seem to get me hot and bothered and I always end up using my hands and toys, and sometimes even taking pictures of those.

Is it a solitary experience or, if you have a partner, do you let them watch? If so, what do you like about being observed?

My masturbation sessions are mostly solitary experiences, but there on the occasions where Master T put my hand on my cunt and told me to bring myself to orgasm, I loved knowing he is watching me, watching the movement of my fingers, seeing how my cunt spasms when I have my orgasm. There is something just so damn sexy about being watched, especially by him.

During the times when we still dated with others (and I hope in future we will again), when I was told to masturbate and both the men would watch me, I felt very self-conscious, sometimes even to the point where my cunt went dry. But, the more I then get into it and the hotter the date gets, the more I liked being watched.

But mostly, masturbation is a solitary experience for me, and functional. I just wish I had a bit less alone time than I do at this moment, and a bit more sex with my husband, but I am confident that times will eventually change.

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2 thoughts on “Too Much Alone Time

  1. It sounds, understandably, that it is currently a very practical and function experience, focusing more on the ultimate relief than any pleasure during the experience.

    As someone who’s own libido is currently, perhaps, that that dissimilar from Master T’s, I can understand where you are both at, and hope that things pick up for you soon.

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