Abortion and Family #SoSS #40

This past week, for me, was all about family. Not only the family living with me, but also about extended family, about cousins. It was about reconnecting, about learning that I belong, about being accepted as I am. I could talk about being a sex blogger and not one of them was shocked. In fact, they accepted it just the way it is. Two of my cousins – one male, one female – spanked my bottom when we said goodbye and I just stood there and said ‘carry on’, and my male cousin said “oh, she loves it” and everybody laughed. I think they knew damn well that I was serious and not for a second did I feel that any of them was judging me. It’s SO liberating! So welcomed, so loving!

Sharing more love in the posts below…

Sexy writing

This week I have read my fair share of sexy posts, but the main thing I want to share under this section is posts from the Smutathon 2018. Eight writers came together in Cheshire, United Kingdom on 11 August 2018 and wrote together for 12 hours, from 10am to 10pm.
You can read their posts here:

These eight writers have not only been writing. They also had fun spending time together AND raised money for the Abortion Support Network – more than a 1000 pounds!!!

Hot images

He had second thoughts about some previous posts, which is why Bibulous One decided to spoil us with this yummy image!

Honey is on holiday, her first ever beach holiday. Even though this image is not of her on the beach, I love it to bits. Doesn’t she look sexy?

I think Kisungura should get back to drawing, don’t you think? Waiting is one of her creations from some time ago, and I would love to see new work from her.


Prompts are a great way to inspire you to a new post, whether they have prompts or not. These are the ones currently running:

Meme Prompt Date(s) to link
Masturbation Monday Week 207 (Elliott Henry) 17 to 21 August 2018
Wicked Wednesday Prompt #325: Collaboration 18 to 23 August 2018
Food for Thought Friday F4TFriday #61 – Changed Perceptions 18 to 25 August 2018
Friday Flash Friday Flash No. 19 — Sculpture 18 to 31 August 2018
Sinful Sunday Macro 2 September 2018
Kink of the week Sea/Ocean 16 to 31 August 2018
Elust #110 Elust submissions September 1 to 8 September 2018

Prompt 324 for Wicked Wednesday was ‘Uniform’ for which 23 posts were linked. The top 3 was done by myself and I chose:


The seventh voting round of the Smut Marathon is currently live, and this is one of the elimination rounds, meaning that the three writers who accumulate the least votes (jury and public combined) are knocked out of the race, and will not go through to the eighth round. Come on people, please read and vote and help the writers to the next round!

Last but not least

I spoke about family in the intro of this post. I tweeted something when we returned from the BBQ on Thursday.

one of my tweets

My cousin – the only male one present – had a long talk with me, and that’s where this tweet comes from. Yes, there will be more, as I want to blog about this, because it’s not only important for me, but also for many others out there. I am sure of that. Definitely, more to follow!

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