#Storyin12 and Life #SoSS #39

I have written about #Storyin12 before and have shared my creations for this Twitter challenge, but what I like a lot is how creative some people are with the daily prompt. No two twelve-word stories are the same. Some people take it a step further – something I want to do and need to make time for – and turn their twelve-word stories into flash fiction of between 100 and 500 words. It’s wonderful to read what comes from that, and I have highlighted some of those below.

I am glad to see a fellow blogger slowly coming out of hiding and starting to blog again. I know she’s gone through a difficult time, and being in my own vacuum I know how easy it is to just leave everything as it is and disappear. Life can be a bitch, but I have to say that my blog and the support I got from many sex bloggers are pulling me through. I am not there yet, but I am getting there. Thank you all – you know who you are.

Let me heat up your weekend with some sexy posts!

Sexy writing

I am afraid of dark water, and when I read Murky Waters by Cara Thereon, I felt shivers run through me. This is a great piece written by a great author!

And then, I just have to share another piece by Cara. Where the previous one made me shiver, Can I get an Amen? had me squirming in my seat because of the sexiness! Amen!

I love that Ella Scandal is turning her #Storyin12 pieces into stories, something I had been thinking about too. #StoryIn12 – Cherry really speaks to me on a submissive level, but also because of the hard sex.

I love the fun between Molly and Michael in Monday, Monday, the way he teases her, the way she begs him, the way he finally fucks her. Hot!

I love posts that deal with the other side of sex and not show only the beauty of it. Cat writes My Experience with a Soft Dick and I think there are many women out there who should read this a couple of times, including me.

Hot images

I am a sucker for marks, and it seems ‘The Joy As It Flies’ is too, as she says ‘I’m just in it for the Marks’. The image she has posted here is just beautiful!

I am quite a fan of Missy’s images, and F is for Frills is no exception. The one where she bents over, the frills framing her bottom… it’s just beautiful!

It’s so good to see Stella Kiink taking up blogging again, and she also shares a sexy view with us in Boobday ~ Draft.

I never thought a picture of someone holding a feather duster could be so sexy, but this image of Little Switch Bitch changed my mind!

I love how Eugene showed us Just the tip in the most original way!


Prompts are a great way to inspire you to a new post, whether they have prompts or not. These are the ones currently running:

Meme Prompt Date(s) to link
Masturbation Monday Week 206 (Amy Norton) 10 to 14 August 2018
Wicked Wednesday Prompt #324: Uniform 11 to 16 August 2018
Food for Thought Friday F4TFriday #60 – Abrupt Endings 10 to 16 August 2018
Friday Flash Friday Flash No. 18 — Big City 4 to 17 August 2018
Sinful Sunday Prompt to follow 2 September 2018
Kink of the week Face Slapping 1 to 16 August 2018
Elust #109 Elust submissions September 1 to 8 September 2018

Prompt 323 for Wicked Wednesday was ‘Passenger’ for which 25 posts were linked. The top 3 was done by Cara Thereon and she chose:


Today is the last day on which writers can send in their stories for the seventh round of the Smut Marathon. Only 20 writers remain and at the end of this voting round, 5 writers have to leave the race as there are only 15 writers who are allowed to participate in the eighth round. Please visit the Smut Marathon site tomorrow and in the coming days to read the stories and vote for the three stories you like best. I know it’s a lot to read, but that’s the reason why the voting round lasts a week – to give all of you enough time to read all the stories. Come on, help the best writers to the next round!

Last but not least

On Tuesday we have a funeral. My mom’s brother passed away. We have seen this coming for 10 months, but still it’s sad. I am (and I don’t even think this is the wrong word) ‘afraid’ of the funeral. I have pushed my grief for mom’s passing to a far corner of my mind, and I am afraid that going to the funeral might break that open; that I won’t be able to stop the pain and grief anymore. On the other hand, I wish that would happen, so I can deal with this pain, allow it and start to process it.

Does that even make sense?

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