How Real Am I?

I have blogged about my pseudonym before, and also wrote a post for the accidental visitor of my website. My About Me page will soon be scrutinized to see if all information on there is still correct. Still, I can understand if people ask: Is what you tell us over here real? How real are you?

There is one simple answer to both questions: very real!

This week the Food for Thought question is all about real identities an pseudonyms.

How “real” is your online persona?

Everything I write about, of things that happen (or not) in our life – everything is real. Everything is as it is, as I write about it. I barely ever leave out details. My online persona is all me, every inch of it, except for the name I use online.

First and foremost, I write for myself. Where I started this site because I wanted to have a place to put my erotic fiction, it gradually grew into a place where I also exposed my exhibitionist nature, both in images and in words. It has become a place where I honestly talk about the highs and lows in my life, about the laughs and the tears. There are times when I wonder if people are getting tired of my sadness regarding my mom’s passing, but then I remember that I am writing for myself, that this is my safe space and people can choose not to read it. And, if on top of it all I get mail from a reader thanking me for writing about it so honestly, I know that I will forever pour my real self into this website. The moment I stop doing that, will be the end of Rebel’s Notes.

Do you use a pseudonym, your real identity or both?

As said above, I use a pseudonym and that is all I use on the blog. However, it might be said that I show more of my identity too, as I post images and have never covered up my tattoos when I do so. I am fully aware that I can be ‘discovered’ but I don’t worry about this. Back when I started Rebel’s Notes, the name I went by was ‘Rebel’ and the pseudonym ‘Marie Rebelle’ only came later. I do use a tiny bit of my real identity in my author name, as that is officially Marie A. Rebelle, and yes, the A is for my real name.

Where you use a pseudonym how open about your actual identity are you?

I don’t deliberately tell people my real name, but I don’t deliberately hide it either. If it comes up in a conversation I normally only mention my first name, but there are quite some fellow sex bloggers who know my real name, as I am friends with them on my vanilla Facebook. So I think you can say that I am quite open about my actual identity, depending on how it fits into a conversation.

Is your anonymous/pseudonymous online self a secret or more a form of protective “camouflage”?

Back when I started Rebel’s Notes I wanted everything to be a secret. I didn’t talk about having a sex blog and made sure I was not recognized in any way. That gradually changed and there was a time when I told my close circle of family that I have a sex blog, but I never gave them the link to it. Up to today I refuse to do it but if they stumble across it in any way, that’s okay. They know about it and I have always said that if they come across it and see what I post, they should not judge me, as them seeing/reading it doesn’t mean that I am suddenly a different person. I am still the same.

Nowadays my pseudonym is more a form of protective camouflage. My son knows my pseudonym but has absolutely no desire to know what’s on my website. The two daughters are different though. If they know my pseudonym they will go search. As said above, I am not giving it to them on a platter, but if they ‘stumble’ across it, it’s okay. Then there’s my work. They know I write about sex too and some of them do know my pseudonym, but I have told them that they should think twice before they google it, whether they really want to know what’s on it. I think some of them have seen it, but none of them has told me about it, which is good.

I prefer to stay behind my bit of protective camouflage.

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5 thoughts on “How Real Am I?

  1. I wish I could be more open abour who I am outside of this community. I envy you that ability to not be quite so worried. Paramount though is how thoroughly honest and giving you are. I love that about you. ?

  2. I don’t really care if I know your real name. I just care that I’ve gotten to know YOU through your writing & photos. I think when someone reads a blog they can tell if it’s “real” or not and that’s what is important.
    Thanks you for being you, Marie Rebelle?

  3. You are amazing…thank you for being real and sharing your real life challenges..

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