Accidental Pairing

This is the last call for all passengers of Flight BA315 to Santiago to board.

Ashley quickened her step to a half-run, dragging her roll-on bag behind her.

Miss Ashley Norton, please approach the nearest service desk.

“Oh just stop it,” Ashley muttered under her breath, “I’m almost there.”

She could already see the number of the gate on the screaming-yellow sign. Two stewardesses stood at the service desk and from where she was Ashley watched in horror how they turned to enter the walkway to the plane.

“Wait! Wait!” she screamed. “Wait!”

* * * * *

Ashley heaved a heavy sigh when she finally sagged into her window seat. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes as the plane began taxiing to the runway.

“Ashley Norton, I presume?”

In slow motion Ashley turned her head and opened her eyes. The most beautiful green eyes locked with her brown ones. A blush covered her face when a slight gush escaped her cunt. She pushed her legs together. Her blushed deepened when his eyes briefly rested on her legs; then on her face.

He knew.

His smile confirmed it, but his mouth didn’t acknowledge it. Instead, he tried to make her feel at ease, telling her that he had once held up the departure of a flight for much longer than she had, and how he felt like all eyes shot daggers at him when he finally made it into the cabin. He told it in such a manner that soon Ashley laughed out loud and quickly clamped her hand over her mouth to silence herself. In a flash though her hands flew to the armrests; her knuckles turning white with how hard she gripped them.

“Fucking take-offs,” she mumbled.

Her fellow passenger put his hand over hers.

“Look at me,” he said.
She turned her head, and once again their eyes locked together.
“It will be okay, just look at me. Think of…” his eyes flashed to her legs, which Ashley has once again pushed together involuntarily, “… think of nice things. Things you would like to do. Things you are going to do when you arrive tomorrow. Maybe things…” he paused for a moment, “… things you would want to do before you arrive.”
The more he talked, the deeper Ashley drowned in his eyes, the closer their faces moved together, the softer his voice was. A shock went through Ashley when their lips touched.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “I’m so sorry.”
“Don’t be, Ashley. I’m not.”
His boldness made her laugh again.
“Thanks for helping me through take-off, eh… I don’t know your name?”
“I’m Jon.”
“Nice to meet you, Jon,” Ashley said, and then repeated with a blush, “very nice to meet you.”

It was about two hours later that they finally settled in for the night, after they had a meal and a conversation about their reasons for going to Santiago. Jon would be there for a week, attending a conference, while Ashley was going there for two weeks for a much needed rest. They were both surprised when they realized they were booked into the same hotel in the city center. Jon hinted at spending time together if his conference allowed it, and Ashley gladly accepted. There was something about this man that made her insides melt, so much so that when he offered for her to rest her head on his shoulder to sleep, she gladly accepted. Jon put his arm around her shoulders and Ashley snuggled in. She breathed in deep, enjoying the mixture of his body odor and cologne. His heartbeat was right there, close to her ear, and it seemed too quick. Concentrating on his breathing, she realized it was as quick and excited as her own.

Ashley became aware of Jon’s thumb softly stroking her back. Her hand rested on his abdomen, just under the thin blanket he has thrown over his lower half. Ashley moved her hand a bit and then stayed still again, waiting for his reaction. Was his breathing harder? In a brazen move her hand now rested on his crotch. Somehow Ashley was not surprised to find him as excited as she was. His hand moved lower, towards her backside, but because of their positions, that was as far as he could reached.

“Want to sit up?” Jon whispered.
Ashley did. They leaned their heads close to each other and pulled the blankets up. Hands found crotches, zippers were lowered, fabric pulled aside and sighs sounded when fingers found what they were looking for. Ashley closed her hand around his erection, noticing that his flesh was warm and pulsing against her hand. His fingers moved through her slit, gathering her wetness and coating her clitoris with it. Ashley had to suppress a moan when he started circling her clitoris. She wanted to push her legs together, but instead spread them even wider, giving him access, inviting him in. He pushed a finger into her and whispered: “I wish I could fuck you now. Will you let me fuck you, Ashley?”

They both knew he wanted to fuck her in the hotel. Not once. Not twice. As much as possible.

“Yes, yes, I will.”
His finger moved back to her clitoris. She gripped him harder. Moved her hand up and down along his shaft. Rubbed her thumb over the tip of his cock, using his precum as lubrication. They tried to hide their movements from the other passengers, but each of them seemed to engorged in their own doing that they didn’t notice what was happening right next to them. Jon turned in his seat so he could use his other hand, which made it easier for him to finger-fuck Ashley and rub his thumb over her clitoris. Her up and down movement over his cock was now totally shielded from anyone. The pace of Ashley’s movements increased, as did her breathing. She was close to an orgasm, and from the twitching of Jon’s cock she understood that he was too.

Both battled to keep their sounds down when their orgasms hit. Ashley giggled softly when finally they got their breathing under control again. She had been planning to explore Santiago on her own, but that can wait until the second week of her vacation. She first want to get to know Jon better. A lot better! They snuggled in together for the night, both falling asleep with smiles on their faces.

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  1. I just wrote on another Wicked Wednesday blog post that I’ve never seen the appeal of sex on a plane. However, these kinds of sexy shenanigans could definitely persuade me to get a little bit naughty on a plane perhaps :p Very sexy indeed x

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