The Power of the Ocean


“It’s my last full day here.”

There was no one around to hear her words. Mia looked out over the rolling waves. It was a soothing thing to do, to watch the waves breaking on the beach, the water flowing towards her and then back again. She liked the way the water of the new wave seemed to roll over the retracting one.

Mia sighed when the face appeared again.

She had no idea who’s face it was, but ever since she came to this resort, she saw it. Mia saw it when she closed her eyes. She saw it in the reflection of the water, in the clouds, in the glare of the sun. Those eyes are watching her. The impressive colors of the headdress couldn’t conceal the piercing eyes.

It was different now. There was an urgency in it. The expression in it seemed to change. They were talking to her. Do it now! they said.

Mia stood up. She walked toward the sea. A shiver ran through her body when the cold water flowed around her feet, but she didn’t stop. The water reached her calves and droplets spattered up and touched her face.

The expression in the eyes seem to soften.

Mia stood still, looked up at the sky and closed her eyes. Several moments she just stood there, not aware of the cold around her legs anymore.

The eyes urged her on once more.
It will help. Just do it.

Mia opened her eyes and took another step into the water. And another, and one more. Water reached her crotch. She kept on walking until the water reached her breasts, hardening her nipples. Mia’s dress clung to her body; her cardigan rose and fell behind her with the swell of the ocean. Mia didn’t notice. Once more she stopped and closed her eyes. She allowed the soothing movement of the water to cradle her. To rock her to and fro. To comfort her.

That’s when the tears came.

For the first time since his passing, she cried. Raw sobs tore from her chest. She threw her head back and screamed. All the pain and sadness and injustice was packed in that one, long scream. Finally Mia allowed herself to feel. All this time she had been hiding her feelings from the world around her, but those eyes knew better.

Mia cried until she could literally not cry anymore. The ocean around her seemed to hold her; even seemed to be calmer than she had ever seen it. She bent her knees and sunk under the water. She stayed there until she had to come up for a breath, and when she did, something had changed. It was as if the sea had washed her clean; as if it was now carrying her grief with her.

She looked up at the sky and there she saw those eyes once more, smiling.

Mia turned around and slowly made her way back to the beach. Once there, with her feet in the warm sand, she turned around and looked at the ocean.

“It’s my last full day here.”

The power of the ocean had replaced despair with hope and strength. Hope for the future and the strength to carry on.

© Rebel’s Notes

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  1. Being by the sea is somewhere I feel I’m able to express my emotions. I don’t know what it is that makes me feel that, a calmer mind? A sense of belonging? Who knows!

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