Love Changes Everything

So this week’s Food for Thought question is all about changing your perceptions about sexual things. Sometimes you think you will never try or do something, and then something happens and you discover that you actually like it. But it can also work the other way around.

One thing I have thought I would never do, was anal sex. Yes, I know, for those of you who have been reading this blog for a long time, this might come as a surprise. But, I have grown up in a conservative family and a conservative country and anal sex wasn’t something that people talked about, let alone did. In my teenage time it was believed that only gay men did it. I am sad to say that I thought so too at the time and want to claim here that I was ‘brainwashed’ by my upbringing.

There came a time when I was a bit curious about being touched ‘there’. I think I was about 26 at the time and I wrote a story about being stimulated anally. I had a boyfriend back then, who was 4 years my junior. I showed him the story in the hope that he would act on it, but he never did. We also never spoke about it, which confirmed everything in my upbringing: anal sex was not for me.

About a year after that I was on a toxic relationship with a couple, but as things go, not every day was toxic. He brought other women into the relationship and when they visited us, they mostly stayed for the night and slept in one bed with him, while his wife and I slept in a different room. The morning after we brought coffee to the main bedroom and found the woman sitting on the floor in a corner. She was upset and he was furious. We drove her home, and no matter how much his wife tried to find out what happened, he didn’t tell us. I think it was only that evening or maybe the next day that he told us that she wanted to stay a virgin, but offered him her arse. Believe me, we had a damn good laugh about that. Not him, but us women did.

It took another year before anal featured in my life again. I had no idea what was going to happen and I know for sure he hadn’t plan it beforehand, but the moment his cock pressed against my opening, I tried to stop him while at the same time I was so very intrigued. He fucked my arse that night and it was the first time ever I had an orgasm without touching my pussy. The next day he teased me because I was sore, but I was hooked. I wanted more. Not from him. I wanted to explore. And explore I did. Anal is still a favorite!

Something else that has become a favorite is sucking and swallowing. Back when I met Master T, now just more than 14 years ago, I have never swallowed a man’s semen before. I was definitely not going to do it for Master T either, but the deeper I fell in love with him, the more I warmed to the idea. Not that he asked or pushed, but I wanted to do something for him. I had a conversation with a cousin – who happens to love fellatio – and she gave me a couple of tips and pointers. Then one day, Master T and I were together in the car, looking out over the water in the harbour and talking. I opened his pants, pulled out his cock and took him in my mouth because I really, really wanted to do it. The moment I swallowed, I wondered why I had not ever done it before!

There is nothing I can thing of right now that I have stopped doing. In fact, during the last ten years I have done much more sexually than I have done in all my life before that. Yes, I have learned to be very careful what sex toys I use as certain materials causes a vaginal infection, and therefore I am also always wary of condom use (don’t worry, when we play with others there are always condoms). Certain condoms have the same effect as certain materials used in sex toys. But, I do have a quick remedy for that, thankfully, but prefer to be careful with what enters my body.

There are some things I definitely still want to try, such as double penetration, but who knows, once I did I might decide it’s not as good as I thought it would be. I really hope I can experience this one day though. I also have some other fantasies I want to try out, but before I can do that, Master T has to be in the game again. Without him on board, I don’t want to do it. Yet.

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