Live Your Desire

My mind wanders… the memories are of some years ago; the scene in my head new.

A fantasy. A want. A need.

I’m on the bed, naked. My legs are spread; my hands rest under my head; eyes are closed. There’s a big sheet under me to protect the bedding from the oil that will soon cover my body. Fingers run over my spine, brush lightly between my bottom cheeks and rest briefly against my cunt, before it disappears.

He moves between my legs. His hands spread warm oil over my back, my bottom.

The massage starts. I relax into it. My shoulders are tense. My mind is racing. I am overthinking things. Should I moan? Should I show him that I like it? He notices the tension in my body, leans forward and whispers: “Just relax. You don’t have to do anything. Just be.”

Erotic massage
Image from a previous date

Gradually I start to relax. By the time he reaches my buttocks, the only thing I am aware of is his hands on my body.

A different kind of tension – one that doesn’t reach my muscles – take hold of me when he massages my buttocks, deliberately running his finger over my arsehole. Over and over again. I wanted more, but he moves on to my legs. Massages every spot right down to my feet. His hands leave my body and I am surprised when they return to my buttocks, but with much more attention for my dark entrance. A finger slips inside.

I sigh.

This is what I want. Need. Desire.

My cunt drools in anticipation for her turn to be touched, but she has to wait.

Another finger joins the first. There’s no resistance to a third. He finger-fucks my arse until my breathing is ragged and my orgasm close.

I feel empty when his fingers disappear.

“Turn over.”

Disappointed, I do as I am told, but soon the feeling dissipates as he starts to massage my front. My breasts, my nipples. He massages and pinches. It doesn’t hurt but then again it does. He moves down and soon his fingers are close to my pussy, but he doesn’t touch it. My legs are treated first before he returns to my core.

Labia are rolled between oil-covered fingers; massaged firmly. First the one side, then the other. Circles around my clit; increasing the swelling and the sensation. Two fingers slip inside, finding the spot that sends me over the edge.

He’s not done with me yet. Bending forward, his naked body slides over mine and between my legs I feel his erection. Even after the intense orgasm – or maybe because of it – I want to be fucked. Deep and hard and rough.

He must have read my mind.

Sitting up and back on his legs, he pushes them under my body. My back now rests on his legs; my legs fall to the side, spreading everything wide open for him. His hands ran up my inner thighs, spreading me even more.

I know he is going to fuck me.

I want him to fuck me.

I want to feel his cock deep inside; feel him slam in hard and harder; feel him bruise me.

How he gets the condom on himself with his oily hands, I don’t know, and the moment his cock presses against my opening, I don’t care. In my mind I scream.

No. Oh no. Yes please. Oh no, can I handle this. Yes please, oh please yes, please fuck please fuck me yes please fuck… fuck… FUCK.

He watches me while his cock touches my opening; watches and waits. The words in my mind are printed in my eyes and when ‘FUCK’ shows, he pushed himself inside in one smooth movement. My arse accommodates all of him. He pulls out and slams back in again, pushing my legs sideways, spreading me as wide as possible.

He fucks me the way I begged inside my head.

Hard. Fast. Deeper. Harder.

He bruises me.

His fingers dig into my slippery legs, leaving his fingerprints on me.

My hand moves to my cunt, but he slaps it away.

“No touching. Close your eyes and feel. Listen to your desire. Live your desire. Feel!”

I close my eyes. Different sensations run through my body. He fucks me harder than I have ever been fucked. My cunt begs for attention. I imagine what it feels like when I rub my clit. His speed is intoxicating. Would I feel him move if I push two fingers inside my cunt. He bruises my legs. The hurt travels to my cunt. He spreads my legs even more, lifting my bottom off his legs. He’s on his knees now, taking full possession of my arse and straining the muscles in my legs and cunt from keeping himself steady.

He grunts and growls as his cock started twitching inside.

My eyes fly open when my orgasm squirts from my cunt.

Minutes later he pulls out of me. I am on my side, trying to get my breathing under control, but only one thought keeps repeating: More please?

© Rebel’s Notes

5 thoughts on “Live Your Desire

  1. I love the change of pace here – the gentle exploratory probing massage and the arse fuck which is deep, dominant, possessive and just what you wanted and needed. I have to admit any massage my OH gives me starts like yours and ends with a plundering fuck!

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