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For the first time in months… no, maybe for the first time in more than a year, Master T has taken a photo of me. He took a couple – eight to be precise – and this was the only one that was ‘usable’.
I cannot describe in words what it means to me that he has taken a photo of me again. So many of the photos on this site is his work, but in the last months I had to take my own or go without. This might not be the best photo for Sinful Sunday, but to me it’s a winner!

His camera in my hand, my camera in his…

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13 thoughts on “One Photo

  1. Love this! Both the story behind it and the image itself are winners. And one image is all you need. So happy for you both!

  2. One photo that says it all, beautifully composed and captured and that it means so much to you too is the icing on the cake. Fabulous nails too btw!

  3. Warming words . . . and a lovely photo too.
    Camera expeditions are always fun for us, even if none of the images are suitable for sharing!
    Hoping you’ll have more to come !!!
    Xxx – K

  4. A photograph with a big powerful camera and lots of smooth skin is always a winning image. Your story warmed my heart. Thank you.

  5. Aw I actually think this is a wonderful image, and the meaning behind it makes it even more so and also the caption beneath it. This is the first image I’m seeing for Themis week’s sinful Sunday and it’s off to a fabulous start xxx

  6. I love this and I would say that it is a winner on both counts. You look beautiful and I love what the image means to you (does a happy dance for Rebel) ❤️

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