The Barracks part 3

Continued from… The Barracks part 2

Three weeks later, Delia entered the room after a shower early on the Saturday evening.
“I am going out,” she said.
“Out?” Emily looked at her with concern on her face. “Yes, I have found a way to leave the base.”
“How then?”
“With one of the ranks. He’s waiting for me on the other side of the parade ground. There’s an opening in the fence there.”
“Delia, what if you get caught?”
“Oh sweet Em, always the one worrying. But, don’t you worry. We only have a week of basic training left and they are not watching us as closely anymore.”

Emily had to agree. The unexpected inspections by the sergeant and his corporals had gotten less since the social and in the last week there were none. Also, they never had inspections on the Saturday evening or the Sunday.
“When are you going?”
“Before dinner?”
“Yes, Em, please forgive me? Do you mind going to dinner alone?”
“Oh, don’t worry about that,” Emily said with more conviction than she felt, “there will be others there to talk to.”
Delia kissed her cheek, mumbled thank you, finished getting dressed and threw a couple of things in a bag. She was out of the door in a flash.

Emily sat on her bed for a while more before she went to the mess. It was already fully dark outside, and there was only one more hour for her to grab something to eat. She didn’t expect many people to be there, as most preferred to have their dinner in the first hour of the three hour window, wanting to make sure they get the best food. Like Emily expected, only a handful of people were having dinner. A smile lighted up her face when she saw Jack at one of the tables. She got her food and sat down in such a way that they looked at each other, even though several tables separated them. When she stood up to get some fruit, after she had finished her dinner, Jack stood up too. He pushed a piece of paper towards her, grabbed an apple and disappeared outside.

Meet me in the dark.
That was all the note said, but she knew where he was. She took a banana from the fruit bowl and sat down at the table again to eat it. Emily forced herself to stay calm, forced herself to put her tray away and forced herself to calmly walk outside. Once outside the mess door and after she had made sure there was no one there to see her, she disappeared around the corner into the dark. Jack was there. They kissed. Passionately. His hands were all over her body. This time there was no Delia to interrupt, no one knowing where they were.

Even so, Jack seemed to have other plans.
“Come with me,” he said, and like he did the night with the social, he grabbed her hand and pulled her with him. Emily noticed that he mainly stayed in the dark, making his way towards their barracks. He walked around the female barracks towards the back. There was a door, which he pried open with his fingers. It took him some effort, but then it swung open and he pulled her in.
“Wait, wait,” Emily said, “what if someone sees us?”
“No one will, this is the fire escape and it’s never used. Unless of course there’s a fire. Come on, but be quiet,” he warned.

They walked up to the top floor, and then there was another short flight of stairs before hey were on the roof. Emily loved the view from there, and what she loved even more was that Jack had made preparations. Several blankets were stacked on each other into a makeshift mattress. Jack pulled Emily down with him, and this time there was no urgency in their movements.

Their kissing was deep and tender, their hands roaming over their bodies and getting rid of clothes as they get along. The cool night air kissed their naked bodies, but neither noticed as a hand encircled a cock and a fingers slid deep into a waiting wetness. Emily arched her back, spread her legs and kissed Jack hard. She had been dreaming about being fucked for weeks, an briefly she saw the sergeant in her mind’s eye, but soon all her senses focused only on Jack and what he was doing to her. Fingering. Licking. Fucking. He fucked her while she was on her back. Fucked her while she was on her knees. Slapped her ass while he fucked her. Pulled her hair as he slammed deep into her.

Emily climaxed. Over and over again. She was unstoppable. The more Jack fucked her, the more she wanted. The deeper he thrust, the harder her orgasms. Finally he turned her over on her back, hooked her legs over his arms to spread her cunt wide open and fucked her hard. Emily moaned and squealed and orgasmed again, and as she did, Jack did too.

They stayed in each other’s arms for longer, made love several times more, before they finally got up to leave. Emily smiled when she saw that they have used up almost a full packet of condoms. Apparently Jack was quite sure of himself, as there was another unopened pack.

* * * * *

That night Emily fell asleep with her hand on her cunt. It was slightly tender, but that only made her smile more. Next weekend was their last social before they would pack on the Sunday to leave on Monday. Her last thought before she drifted off to sleep is that she would meet Jack on the rooftop again after the social… there were more condoms that need to be used.


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