Symphonic Rock

His fingers awakens the first tones of our symphony as he gently touches the soft flesh on the rounding of my breasts.

I hum along, arching my back to invite another instrument to the ensemble.

His hand moves to my tummy for a brief interlude, making me wait for the high tones I so need.

As his fingers brush over my clitoris, a pulse of anticipation drums inside my core. The sound of a violin escapes my mouth when his fingers thrust deep inside.

My back arches again.

My cunt fucks his fingers, inviting them deeper as the bass of guitars vibrates through my body. The rhythm of cymbals leads the intro to my building orgasm.

I crave what is coming. I need what is coming.

The crescendo of music coursing through my body overwhelms all my senses. The drumming of my need… the cymbals of my flesh… the loving flutes in my heart… the entire orchestra joining in as my orgasm rocks through my body.

Top to bottom.

First note.

Bottom to top.

Last note.

The final tones nestles deep in my mind as my satisfied body curled into his.



© Rebel’s Notes

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