Sadness & Loss SoSS #35

This past week the sex blogging community learned that M of Cammies on the Floor has passed away. My heart broke into a million pieces. How could this happen? First her sister, and now M. How can one family go through so much? My heart goes out to them!

I had always considered her a friend and I really hoped that one day our paths would cross and we could actually hug each other. Now that would never happen. She was such a wonderful person, honest in her writing, a talented photographer and a huge supporter of the sex blogging community. She always shared friendly words in her comments and two of those comments will always be with me, like this one: You are definitely my friend, and I’m honored to know you. and this one: Plus without the supportive community – most especially from you yourself (I say that with all sincerity as you should know how much your comments mean), I don’t know how I would’ve coped with the divorce, move, and immediate death of my sister.

I think the death of her sister had more impact on her than any of us have ever known. That together with her divorce and the way her ex-husband had treated her after they had separated, sent M into a depression, which she was just starting to come out of when she passed away. Sometimes, even though we do everything to support someone, even though we try to understand what someone is going through, we still don’t really know.

The sex blogging community has lost a member, someone who was known and loved by many.

M, wherever you are, I hope you have found peace. Miss you, my friend. A lot!

Sexy writing

A story that comes with a trigger warning (self harm), brilliantly written by Violet Fawkes. Yours is a sad, yet really beautiful story.

Another sad story, this one by Brigit Delaney, is Closest to Real where I had to read to the end to realize that it’s fiction.

Hot images

I am totally intrigued by Little Switch Bitch’s image of her husband, Adore. One thing I still want to experience is cupping, which made me study this image very closely!

It’s good to see Ouzzi back to posting images, and her image Want vs Need looks like she’s either close to or just having an orgasm.

I am a sucker for silhouette images and this one, Best served hot, definitely draws my attention. Love the silhouetted subject!

There is something so strong about this image by Pieces of Jade. Not only her boobs look fabulous, but I love seeing the tension in the muscles of her shoulders.


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Tips & tricks

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Last but not least

This was also the week in which we had the first anniversary of my mom’s passing. It was almost surreal. How can it be that a year has already passed? How can it be that it’s not easier yet, that it still hurts so damn much? When will it start to get easier? Will it ever get easier? I guess one day I will learn to live with it, with not having my mom in my life, but I don’t know how. Yet. Death has been too close to me this week, with the anniversary and M’s passing. I want to embrace life, and in a way I am doing it, but with reservations… I need to work on that.

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Food for Thought Friday

4 thoughts on “Sadness & Loss SoSS #35

  1. I have come here to reply several times, but have been unable to. I am moved in ways I don’t really understand by M’s sudden, unexpected death. I met her only briefly – her and her sister both – and I was drawn to her quick wit, sweet smile and warmth. I felt we became something like friends in the years that followed, as we followed each other’s blogs. Who knew that a mere five years later they would both be gone?

    You know, as I, how quickly one’s time can come and go, and what a hole that loss leaves behind. This…is a different kind of loss, yes, but a loss deeply felt, none-the-less.

    I know this is a hard time for you personally, as well. I wish I could know you, and sit with you, and hold space for you as you heal.

    With loving regard,

  2. This was quite a moving post Rebel, I did not know M as well as you did, but it is a tragedy for the community to lose her and horrible loss for her loved ones. Your words are a good tribute though.

    You have been dreading this week I know, but I believe you have the strength to cope with it. Once the anniversary has passed, you will probably feel the weight start to lift off you a little.

    Finally – so excited to see I was picked in the #WW top 3 this week! This is a first for me and I am really proud my writing has improved to this point. Thanks to Julie for judging in my favour! I also loved the other 2 winners, as my #SOSS attests!!

  3. Thank you so much for the mention and also for the lovely words about M, she will be dearly missed.

    O x

  4. I’m so sorry to hear that. I always enjoyed reading the posts on Cammies on the Floor. I was stunned when M’s sister died. I can’t believe she has too.

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