Her Smell

Damian quietly walked into the dark bedroom, careful not to disturb his wife. She had gone upstairs about an hour earlier because she was tired. He heard her soft, regular breathing, a tell-tale sign that she was asleep already. He pulled off the last of his clothes and slipped into bed next to Jody.

He turned over on his side, facing his wife and closed his eyes. He had hoped she would still be awake when he came upstairs, but then he should have come upstairs before her. Damian could faintly make out Jody’s face in the light that shines in from the street. He leaned closer to her, wanting to give her a soft kiss on her cheek, and then he smelled it.

The smell was something he would recognize every time: her smell. The smell of her cunt. The delicious smell of her arousal. Instead of kissing her, he moved his face to her fingers and breathed in deep. The smell nestled in his nose and stirred his cock. He breathed in once more. His erection grew. It was not only the smell, but the fact that he knew she had touched herself before she went to sleep.

Damian softly licked Jody’s fingers.

She stirred in her sleep, but didn’t wake up.


He kissed her cheek like he intended moments before. Jody stirred some more. Damian traced the line of her lips with his tongue. She stirred some more and this time she opened her eyes.
“Damian…” she said in a pleading voice.
“I smell your cunt,” he said, paying no attention to the question in his name.
Jody started to say something, but Damian interrupted her: “You’ve played with yourself.”
“How do you kn…”
“Your fingers.”
Her silence told him she was blushing.

“Turn on your back.”
“Turn on your back.”
Jody turned over and Damian pulled the covers off her naked body. Before he could say it, she spread her legs.
“Touch yourself.”
Her hand moved to her cunt. She ran her fingers over her labia, feeling her soft skin. Jody thought of what she had done earlier. She touched her clitoris and wasn’t surprised to feel it swollen and sensitive. Two fingers slowly circled the little nub. She gasped when Damian abruptly pushed two fingers into her wet pussy and pulled them out again.

“Come on, show me what you did. Surely you finger-fucked yourself. Show me!”
Jody did the same as Damian did: pushed two fingers into her cunt. She slowly fingered herself. Next to her Damian moved. He rested his knees on one side of her pillow, his hands on the other. Slowly he lowered his hips and pushed his cock into his wife’s mouth. She wanted to suck him, but he pulled out again, only to push back in.

“Fuck your cunt. I will fuck your mouth.”
Jody fingered herself in the same rhythm he took her mouth. As best as she could she closed her lips around his shaft and pushed her tongue against it. Every now and then she gagged, turned her head away to breath and quickly took him in her mouth again, until she finally got her breathing right.

Their breathing filled the room.

Sounds of squelching wetness mixed with the sound of their breathing.

Their orgasms grew closer.

Jody frigged her clitoris again, pushing her hips up and spreading her legs even wider. She was highly aware of her hard nipples, of her cunt feeling empty, of her need to be fucked, but at the same time she wanted to swallow Damian’s spunk. Pushing against her own fingers even harder, her orgasm started to ripple through her body and exploded in her core. She screamed around Damian’s cock and then first spurt of his come started to fill her mouth. Jody waited until the last contraction of her husband’s penis before she swallowed.

“Since you are tired, you can now go to sleep,” Damian said with a chuckle in his voice, once he was next to her again. Jody teasingly held her fingers under his nose for him to smell.
“Delicious!” he said, and pulled her closer.

Soon their soft, regular breathing was the only sound.

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