No one will have missed that I don’t only post words on my site, but also lots of pictures. Revealing ones of my tits, my ass, my cunt, but almost never my face. I say almost, as there are some photos that show a part of my face. Funnily enough, this past weekend my husband and I unexpectedly had a conversation about me showing my face on my blog. He is all for it, and as exhibitionist as I am, I am the reluctant one in baring it all.


I keep on saying that it’s because of my work; that I don’t want anyone – whether colleague or client – to accidentally stumble over one of my photos. However, I never hide my tattoos and I know very well that people can recognize me by that too. Master T doesn’t see the harm in showing my face, and sometimes I ask myself whether the ‘work-reason’ really is what holds my back. Thinking deep and hard about that, I know it’s definitely part of the it, but a huge part is also a bit of insecurity on my side. I don’t think my face looks good in pictures and that is another reason why I hide it.

My Photo Journeys

Over the years I have participated in several photo memes, starting on 17 July 2011.

Boobday is the a photo meme I occasionally participate it, and it is run by Hyacinth Jones, who is one of the most body-positive people I have the privilege to know. Boobday, as the name says, is all about boobs and the beauty of them!

I absolutely love participating in photo memes and have also done quite a lot of Scavenger Hunts, but those are on hold now until my husband can roam about freely again, or I find another partner in crime to snap the photos!


Some questions that were posted for this week’s Food for Thought prompt/

If you take risqué photographs, what is it that you enjoy most? The creativity, the composition, the feedback you get from those who see them?

I think it’s a combination of all. If we take photos for the Scavenger Hunt, we don’t look at composition or the quality of the photo, but just snap it to get it. We always snap in places where there’s a possibility of others seeing me, so we have to be quick. For other photos, we both like to think about the composition and make sure it’s appealing and sexy. I am a creative soul and always have been, and Master T is a brilliant photographer. Recently, because he has been ill for a long time and we don’t know if he will ever get his full mobility back, I have embarked on a journey to take my own photos. It’s quite challenging as I am both the photographer and the subject, but my self photography ( has given me a couple of brilliant shots, if I have to say so myself. I desperately need to set up the background and the camera again and start shooting some new pics!

So, to answer the question, it definitely is a combination of all – the creativity, the composition and certainly also the feedback.

If you participate in any of the memes above, what made you decide to take part? How did you feel the first time you linked a post for others to see?

Oh this is an easy one. I am an exhibitionist by heart and always have been, so that is more or less what made me decide to take part. I wanted to show myself and I wanted others to see it. I cannot remember being nervous when I linked the first post for others to see, but I might definitely have been. Sometimes I look back on photos and think damn, I have revealed far too much there but then I read the feedback and know it’s not as bad as my brain tries to tell me.

How comfortable are you sharing semi-nude/nude/sexually explicit photos of yourself, either online or via a “sext”?

Online yes. Via a “sext” preferably not. I have sent Mister Silent the occasional sexy image, but that was only on two or three occasions. I prefer people looking at the photos on my blog, or the nude-in-bed shots I tend to share at times on Twitter.


Even though I am an exhibitionist at heart and love to bare all, I am very critical on myself and can feel incredibly self-conscious about my body. During the years of taking part in photo memes and sharing as much as I did AND receiving and reading feedback, my confidence has grown. That’s all because of this wonderful supportive community where not only words, but images are welcomed and supported in he most positive way. Thank you all for that!

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5 thoughts on “Photographs

  1. You know how much I love viewing your photos . . . and isn’t being an “exhibitionist at heart” such fun sometimes!!!
    AND . . . I am always in awe of how you post every day!
    Inspiring !!!!
    Xxx – K

  2. I love those recent ones in your mum’s old house, they are so luminous and poignant. And I remember gazing in fascination for a long time at the first photo I saw of your cunt with it’s piercings, being totally in awe of images the like of which I never seen before. I’m so glad you share them with us.
    Indie xx

  3. Dear Marie,

    You face is lovely, expressive and, if you choose to, sensual and soaking of sexappeal.

    In my mind, beyond a shadow of doubt, insecurity about your looks is totally and utterly unnecessary. You are every inch stunning.

    1. Thank you, Jor, this counts as one of the best comments I have received on here. Many thanks for your kindness.

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