Last, But Not Least

Over the past months I have frequently shared images with you that have been made in my mom’s empty house, about a month after her passing. Back when we go the idea to do this, I had to swallow a couple of times before I could really do it. I am glad I did, as it got me some very special images. Mom knew all about what I was doing, what my blog was about, as I have told her in a very open conversation during a day in the hospital, while she had to undergo some tests. That was also the day I told her about our D/s relationship. I look at these images with a mixture of sadness and pride.

This picture is the last in the series…

Against the wall
Against the wall… posing, thinking, remembering…

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12 thoughts on “Last, But Not Least

  1. It is lovely to learn the background behind these pictures and I am so envious that you were able to be open like this with you mum. This particular image is really powerful and I am drawn to keep looking at you. I also love your shoes lol

  2. I think it’s so incredible that you got the chance to be so open with your mom… it’s rare that we get to share such intimate details of our lives with family. A beautiful last shot of the series; the feeling of repose is strong in it. Thank you so much for sharing these! x

  3. Thank you for sharing these special images with us. They’ve been a beautiful series. Xx

  4. The whole image is awesome, but I have to say I couldn’t stop looking at your shoes! Sometimes I think my focus is all wrong, lol x

  5. I truly understand your mixed emotions . . . but such a stunning photo (and the previous ones!!!) . . . deserves a feeling of pride.
    Pride for who you are and all you have achieved . . . I’m sure your mother would feel that pride too !!!
    Xxx – K

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