Double Dip

Not one, but two for your pleasure…

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22 thoughts on “Double Dip

  1. I love where you have cropped and joined these – I looked for a while to work out them out. I also LOVE your socks 🙂

  2. I love your ‘take me as you find me’ attitude projected in these images. Your sock collection is fabulous – sexy and fun combined! Liquorice allsorts spring to mind with the colours!

  3. I always love your posts they are so revealing of your true self. I want to expel this same level confidence as I keep building into my own blog. I admire all the things that makes you sexy. This photo is pleasing to my own eyes as I wonder how wet you are when taking this photo. Don’t ever stop we always want to see more of you.

  4. Firstly you know I am going to say SOCKS! But I love this for more than just the epic socks, it makes me take a double look as I try sort out the double pussy at the top of your legs.


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