Not Done Yet

“Are you alone?”
Even though she knew she was, Gail glanced over her shoulder to make sure Frederick was not around.
“Yes, I am,” she said. The smile on her face shone through in her words.
“Put the phone on speaker.”
“Spread your legs and touch your cunt.”

Gail had met Steve in a bar when she had drinks with colleagues on a Friday evening after work. She was instantly attracted to him because he gave her the attention Frederick didn’t. Gail was the last to leave the bar that night. On her way home she scolded herself: Why did you kiss him? You are married! Why did you give him your number? Dammit. Gail, what if Frederick finds out?
Then she thought about the kisses, about his hand on her leg, his hand moving up to her crotch, and how she stopped him just before he touched her right there.

Steve started calling her. When she couldn’t talk, she refused the call, but a couple of times now she had talked to him when Frederick wasn’t home. Each talk was hotter than the previous one, but this was the first time he told her to touch herself.

“I hope you’re not wearing any underwear.”
Gail almost laughed at the cliched remark, but at the same time she shivered with desire. It was as if Steve could see her.
“Picture this… there are two men in the room. I’m one of them. We’re watching you. You’re on the edge of the bed. Naked. Your legs spread. You want to touch yourself, but I grab your hands and tie them on your back. We tie a spreader bar between your legs to keep them spread wide.”

Gail made a sound to show her approval of his words, but also because her fingers were softly stroking her naked labia. Steve paused for a moment and then continued.

“One of us move in behind you and a blindfold is placed over your eyes. We help you to stand, and just when you find your balance, I slap your bottom. My partner in crime slaps the other side. More slaps follow on both your cheeks. One of us walk away while the other turns you around and helps you to bend over. You jump when ice touch you between your buttocks and the cold water runs down to your cunt.”

“Oh god, ice! I love that,” Gail said. Her finger was buried in a different kind of wetness as she fingered herself.

“Cold ice, warm bottom, because we start to spank you again. One ice cube became two. One turns circles around your anus, the other glides between your labia. The ice slowly melts and is soon replaced by fingers. You feel hands all over. On your breasts, on your bottom. Your bottom is spanked again, but your breasts also have to endure a couple of slaps.”

Oh, if only those slaps leave some marks. Bliss!

Gail didn’t want to interrupt Steve’s words, but her moans and breathing already told him that she was still listening. She was sure he could hear just how wet she was with her fingering herself.

“You feel something cold against your lips and then it disappears into your wetness. Next thing it presses against your anus and slowly pushed it. It hurt and you wriggle and push back against it and finally it nestles inside. You realized that you’ve been plugged. We help you to get up, turn around and lie down on your back. Your ass rests at the edge of the bed, but so does your head. Your body rests diagonally across the bed. A hand disappears between your legs, push inside and then a tongue moves between your lips. On the other side one of us grab your breasts, knead them harshly and pull your nipples. Pinch them. There’s no rhythm to it. You don’t know what to expect and when.”


Gail moaned again.

“Are you still touching yourself?”
“Push your fingers in deep.”
“Oh yes.”
“Suck them! I want to hear you suck them!”
Gail moaned and slurped when she had her fingers in her mouth.
“Now finger yourself again.”

Gail had just pushed a finger inside when she heard the familiar sound of Fredericks car keys jingling in the bowl in the dining room.

“I have to go! God, I have to go.”
She frantically pulled her dress down while at the same time trying to break off the call. She quickly grabbed a book, opened it and pretended to read when Frederick walked into the room.
“Oh,” he said and looked around in confusion as if he expected someone else to be there, “I thought I heard you talk to someone…?”
It was half a statement, half a question.
“I was,” Gail said, deliberately talking slowly as if she was bored, “my sister.”
“Oh,” Frederick said and turned around, heading for the kitchen.

Gail let out a deep sigh, one that expressed all her frustration and hunger of the moment, and her relief that Frederick didn’t realize what she was doing. Damn, why did he have to come home early?

Her phone pinged.

Husband home?

Yep 🙁

Steve’s next words made her smile: We’re not done yet. Next time…

© Rebel’s Notes

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  1. Oh my goodness I have been there in the past, never on the phone but text or MSN as it was at the time!

  2. I love the way you have developed your character -trapped between the life she has and the life she wants ?

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