The Barracks part 2

Continued from… The Barracks part 1

Their kiss started off gently, but soon grew more urgent . The harder he kissed her, the more she moved her body against his. His breathing was as quick as hers, his arousal hard against her abdomen. His hands dropped to her bottom, pulling her against his body the same moment he pushed forward. Emily broke off their kiss, throwing her head back and offering him her neck. He kissed the soft flesh and one hand slowly moved to the side of her breast, resting there as if waiting for approval. Emily moaned and his thumb gently brushed over her hard nipple. She moaned again. God, it felt so good. She smiled inwardly, excited about the prospect to be fucked right there. In the dark. Against the wall.

“Emily, Emily, where are you?”
There was confidence in Delia’s voice that Emily was close enough to hear. In fact, she was so confident that Emily was near that she soon appeared around the corner.
“Ah, there you are! Come on, Em, it’s late, we need to get to bed.”
Delia didn’t even acknowledge the presence of Jack. Emily thought it strange that Delia had no man with her, that she actually wanted to go to bed. Normally, with social events, Delia would be the one tagging off with a man and Emily would go home alone. Did something happen? Delia didn’t seem upset, but her actions now were so out of character that Emily was concerned.

“Sorry,” Emily said, glancing back at Jack longingly, and then she followed Delia.

* * * * *

Something had woken Emily. She lay in the dark, her eyes closed and listened. It was quiet. She stayed still for a bit longer, and then turned over on her side. Whatever had woken her, was gone.

Seconds later she heard it again. Whispers. Emily opened her eyes, but kept very still. The whispers were not words, but the hard, yet controlled breathing of two people. As her eyes got more used to the dark, Emily started seeing some shapes: Delia’s legs were up in the air, hooked over the shoulders of someone between her legs. His thrusts were slow, yet determined. Determined to give Delia pleasure, but also to make as little noise as possible. Strangely enough the bunk bed didn’t squeak. Emily caught a giggle in her throat when she had this thought. She didn’t want them to hear her. What she wanted, was to see. She wished there was more light in the room. She didn’t care who the man was, but she wanted to see him fuck her friend.

Carefully, she slightly spread her legs and dropped one hand to her pussy. She moved only when the man pushed into Delia, not wanting to have them notice that she was awake. Her cunt was wet, her clitoris hard and ready. On the other bed the breathing was a bit louder than before. Delia briefly lifted her head and looked over to Emily, who kept very still. Emily watched as the speed of the thrusting increased and she imagined the feeling of being fucked while her finger rubbed over her clitoris. She thought of Jack, and how much she had wanted him to fuck her. She thought about the harsh words of the sergeant and felt her cunt twitched in memory. Emily wondered how it would be to be fucked by Jack and the sergeant at the same time. This thought surprised her so much, that her orgasm overwhelmed her.

On the other bed, they were close too. The bed now occasionally squeaked and Emily hoped no one in the adjacent rooms will hear. Before she could get too worried, deep sighs and silent moans told her it was over. Movements stilled. Minutes later the man got up and stood next to the bed, looking for his pants. In the dark, Emily caught a glimpse of his limp penis and once again felt the desire flare up. She pushed it down, closed her eyes and tried to get back to sleep, even though the movements in the room kept her awake. She heard the door open and close and then it grew quiet.

The next morning during breakfast Delia had a smile plastered on her face and she caught glimpses to one of the men that were in their group at the social the night before. Emily noticed her smile, noticed the glances, but her eyes were searching for something else. Someone else. Jack. He wasn’t there. She sat at the table for longer than necessary to eat her breakfast and Delia doesn’t seem to care. It was only when they left the mess that she saw Jack. They exchanged a quick smile, both knowing there was no way to talk to each other or spend time together until the next social, which was scheduled at the end of their basic training.

* * * * *

The next day Delia and Emily were back in class again, and in the afternoon, back on the parade grounds, enduring the hardships the sergeant dished out. Emily’s mind was confused. The sergeant’s words kept her wet, and her mind kept on seeing images of Jack fucking her. Sometimes the sergeant was in her fantasies too, sometimes not. She had no idea where these new thoughts came from. This was something for Delia, not for her.

Delia was the wild one, right?

To be continued… The Barracks part 3

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  1. Well, that’s not where I thought the story would go but I like it! Mmm, voyeurism and group sex fantasy….where to next?! Eagerly anticipating part 3 😉

  2. Ohhh – I liked this continuation. Still a chance for the sexy stern Sergeant to get in on the action,
    I like that our heroine allowed herself to get off on Delia’s sexy encounter, I think our little flower is moving out of the shade cast by her friend!

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