The Barracks part 1

There they were, in the barracks, ready for their basic training. Hundred women invaded the four-storey building where Delia and Emily will share a room for the next eight weeks, the same way they had shared a room for the four years they had attended university. Before they went to university, they attended high school together. They had been inseparable for many years and signing up for military service was just another thing they both wanted to do.

Emily sometimes wondered what she had let herself into. Was this really what she wanted or had she only done it because Delia pushed her? She was intrigued by the military, but still didn’t know whether she really wanted to be a soldier. Maybe that was one thing this basic training was good for too: for her to decide whether to continue or not.

* * * * *

Three weeks on, both Delia and Emily were tired. During the mornings – six days a week – they had different sessions in which they were taught different aspects of the military, from the etiquette to the law to war to medical aspects. In the afternoons they were outside. Some days they did sports – mostly running – and on other days they marched from the one side of the parade grounds to the other. Over and over again, while a sergeant barked his orders and belittled them with his words, telling them how worthless they were as soldiers. But, he also encouraged them: “The harder you work this week, the more you will enjoy the social on Saturday! Come on, lift those bloody feet you lazy bunch of tits!”

Emily was quite sure that he wasn’t supposed to make this sexual, but no one corrected him. In fact, she didn’t really mind him talking like that. It had a strange effect on her. When he used the word tits she felt her nipples harden, and sometimes, when he dared to use the word cunt, she felt hers twitching. She quickly learned that it wasn’t only the words, because even when he didn’t use it, her body reacted to his harsh words; to his commands. He pushed them hard that week, and by the time they ended their last physical training on Saturday afternoon, she was a horny mess.

That evening all recruits – male and female – were together in the mess. They had been before, but men and women busy with their basic training weren’t allowed to talk to each other. Tonight was different. Tonight they were allowed to mingle. Emily found herself part of a group of six: four men, Delia and herself. Delia was doing the talking.
“No, serious? You are in the barracks next to ours?”
“Haven’t you noticed?” one of the men asked.
“What floor are you on?”
“The ground floor.”
“Which room?”
“Room?” He looked confused.
“Yes, room,” Delia said with a smirk, amused that he didn’t seem to know what it was.
“Do you have rooms?” he asked in turn.
“Yes, Emily and I are on the third, to the right. That’s a hint.”

Emily looked at Delia with big eyes. Was she really trying to get this young man to visit them in their room? What if someone found out? If someone heard them?
“Delia, you can’t…”
“Don’t worry, Em,” Delia stopped her, “I know.”
“I’m in the last bunk on the right,” the young man said, and the other three quickly joined in and told Delia where they slept.”
The group laughed, and the conversation moved on to other things. One of the men – he had introduced himself as Jack – kept an eye on Emily. Occasionally she noticed, and it made her blush.

Booze flowed freely. Some of the soldiers have already left the social, as they were tired and wanted to catch up on some sleep. Others didn’t want the night to end. Delia was one of them. Emily was torn between going to bed or staying, but each time she found Jack’s eyes on her, she decided to stay a bit longer. It was much later before he had finally made his way towards her.

“You look tired,” he said.
“I am tired,” she smiled, “but I don’t want to leave Delia here. We always stick together.”
Pride shone through in her voice.
“I thought something like that. But, does that mean that you cannot walk outside with me?”no
“Oh… uhm… yes… I mean no.”
Emily’s face flushed red, and somehow the horny feelings that she had pushed to a dark corner early in the evening, returned. She wanted to tell Delia she was going outside with Jack, but he grabbed her hand and pulled her along. Outside he didn’t let go of her hand, but pulled her around the corner where the lights didn’t reach. Only then he let go.

Jack stood right in front of Emily. His breath caressed her face and she could faintly make out the glint in his eyes from the bit of light there was.
“You are beautiful, Emily,” he said.
“Oh, I am not the beautiful one, Delia is,” Emily said. This was something she always did, putting herself in the backseat and turning the attention to Delia.
“You are beautiful, Emily,” Jack said again and his hand softly touched her face. This time Emily kept quiet. She didn’t want to say anything anymore, especially not with Jack’s lips on hers. Her ragged breathing was evident of her arousal, as was the way she pushed her body against Jack’s.

She longed for only one thing, and that one thing Jack can give her…

To be continued… The Barracks part 2

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  1. Mmm-hmm, agree with May, love how you’ve set the scene, now keen to see where her horniness takes her (I was shipping for her to get with the brutal instructor!)

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