Feelings & Writing #SoSS #29

This week has been a week of mixed feelings. I was sad that our vacation time was over on Wednesday, but we still had fun on Tuesday when we went to a ghost town in Belgium for a day out with the cameras, and Wednesday when we had the ‘last holiday lunch’. By the end of Thursday, my first day back at work, I was already running on empty again. I am starting with a huge backlog at a time in the month where I just don’t need it. I feel I need to have a meeting with my team and tell them that I am not happy with the way they have set their priorities during my absence. But, I know they were damn busy while I was gone. I’m just afraid they concentrated on the wrong things and I need to find a way to let them know that.

But, enough of that. I will much rather share some sexy writing and images with you!

Sexy writing

As I read Molly’s post, Making the breast of it, I felt the pull and desire to experience some pain again, and have some marks to admire.

How are you with your exes? Do you keep in touch and if you do, why or don’t, why not? I love the post, On Letting Go, by Jo. It made me think of my past relationships and those exes I still have contact with, if only once a year.

Baby Making… by The Other Livvy is a brilliant post, in which she talks about knowing they are fucking to become pregnant and how it changed her view of sex and herself. I cannot remember having feelings like this. I was never so aware of my body and the changes when I was younger as I sort of just let everything happen. I think that makes it even more interesting for me to read these posts and I hope Livvy keeps on sharing during her pregnancy.

Honey’s post, Feeling Myself should be under this section, but also under the next one, as it has one hot image in it. Her words though, made me so incredibly happy! Yay! Honey is in technicolor again!

Hot images

For Him is a beautiful image by Collared Fox. I love the angle of the image and the beautiful bra she is wearing.

Sexual, a post by Exhibit A could also have been added to the previous section, since the words are just as important, but the image in this is just so sexy that I had to add it here.

Shadowy, a beautiful image by and of Cammies on the floor. I just love beautiful rope work and I love beautiful photography. Combine the two and I am sold!


Prompts are a great way to inspire you to a new post, whether they have prompts or not. These are the ones currently running:

Meme Prompt Date(s) to link
Masturbation Monday Week 196 (Exposing40) 1 to 5 June 2018
Wicked Wednesday Prompt #314: Black 2 to 7 June 2018
Food for Thought Friday F4TFriday #50 – What I Know Now 1 to 7 June 2018
Sinful Sunday Underneath 3 June 2018
Kink of the week Role Play 1 to 16 June 2018
Elust #107 Elust submissions 1 to 8 June 2018

Prompt 313 for Wicked Wednesday was ‘Underdog’ for which 15 posts were linked. The top 3 was done by Brigit Delaney and she chose:


You know what today is, right? Yes! It’s the last day of the fifth writing round of the Smut Marathon, which means that as from tomorrow you can start reading voting again! Make sure you do! Watch this space!
Remember: the stories are getting longer as we have less contestants. If you start reading at the beginning of the voting round, you can spread your reading out over the entire voting week. Enjoy!

Tips & tricks

Want to join in with a month of writing, just because you can? Hy said: I’m gonna write every day in June. Care to join me?
So why not join her?

Another writing challenge you can set yourself is to participate in the Summer 100 Sex Bloggers Challenge 2018 which Miss Scarlet is going to do.

Last but not least

I have a weekend of relaxing planned, as we are off for a birthday visit this afternoon, then a drink this evening and tomorrow I am walking in the dunes with my daughter, trying to find deer and foxes and other wildlife so our cameras can snap away!
I hope by the time I return to work on Monday, I have a clear view on things!

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