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Modern life is busy, we all know that. Sometimes a quick wake-up shag, an opportunistic quickie, or a tired, end-of-day, semi-somnolent fumble and snuggle with benefits is all we have the time and energy to manage. There is nothing wrong with these; quick, time limited sex can still be great and is almost certainly better than none, but it is definitely nice, sometimes, to be able to devote considerably more time and effort to the proceedings.

Assuming you have no time constraints, what would your “ideal” experience be like?

There are two ways I really like it, and even though we have done both several times (the one more than the other) both still excite me.

The first, the one we do the most, is when he leans over to me, kisses me and his hand finds my breasts, squeezes lightly, fondling, pinching my nipples and then he moves down to my pussy. He finds my wetness, pushes a finger deep inside, making me gasp. His finger eventally moves to my clitoris, making me climax and then it’s inside, then my clitoris, an orgasm, repeat over and over again, making me and the bed wetter as I squirt over and over again. Eventually he pushes more fingers and sometimes his fist inside and I rub my clitoris until an orgasm makes me shudder so much that I don’t want to be touched anymore. Not that he listens to that.

The other, which is the one we do much less, is when he tells me to turn over on my stomach. I know what this means. I slightly spread my legs and wait for him to pour lube on my anus. One finger, two, three, sometimes four. He takes his time, stretching me. We are always going for the limit, seeing how much I can take until it’s too much. Somewhere during his ministrations in will touch my clitoris and when I do, it’s as if I can take more of his fingers, more pain, until my orgasm overrules everything and he has to stop because of my muscles pushing his hand out.

Sadly, it’s been quite some time since we did any of this, due to the stupid medicine Master T is on. Thankfully he’s slowly lowering the dose and I hope more of these nights will follow again soon!

When you are in the mood, do you have any seduction ploys that you like to use?

I have never thought of them as seduction ploys, but I do tend to say, once we are in bed “have you felt my pussy lately?” or if I just had a Brazilian: “you should feel how smooth it is.”
Master T knows this is my way of asking for sex, of telling him I am in the mood. Other than that, I never take initiative, which also means I don’t have any specific seduction ploys.

What do you like to do to prolong the pleasure for both you and your partner?

Oh dear… I thought and thought and thought and just couldn’t come up with an answer. You see, I don’t do anything. I let Master T set the pace and frankly, when we have sessions like described above, sometimes I am amazed to see how much time has passed. They are never quickies, but we really take the time for each other. Yes, we do have our quickie nights too, but those are just as satisfying as that is what fits our moods at that time.

Not doing anything to prolong our pleasure is not a bad thing in my eyes, as we both do get what we want from it and we are both always satisfied.

Writing about sex and how we (used to) do it, makes me long for it even more. I know this not-in-for-it-mood of Master T is temporary, and I am a patient woman, but I would lie of I tell you that I don’t have my moments where I intensely crave sex with my husband. We have stopped ALL dates with anyone else, since I refuse to have sex with anyone else until Master T and I have regular sex again. The reason for this is that I cannot enjoy sex with others when all I long for is sex with my man. Once that is good again, we will start dating again too.

Soon. I really hope soon.

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  1. Thank you for sharing what is, quite clearly, a very personal subject. I hope you both move on to a better place in your lives again soon.

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