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One thing I have noticed is that the older I get, the more I understand what I like, what I want, what my needs are. I still don’t know everything, as I believe our entire lives is a learning process, but I know enough about life to know what I prefer. Such as with sex…

What are your favourite sexual things to do?

My most favorite thing is to give myself over and to be used for the benefit of someone else, mostly Master T, but sometimes those we allow into our intimate lives. It doesn’t matter what they do to me (always within my limits of course), as long as I don’t have to tell them what to do next, or what I like best.

Spreading my legs, being fingered with one, two, three fingers and eventually fisted until I squirt over and over again… well now we’re talking. Then to rub my clitoris while I am fisted and to feel that all-consuming orgasm taking over my body. Yes, that is my most favorite thing to do, or rather, to undergo.

When I masturbate, I prefer it to be quick and functional. I watch some porn, use my Womanizer and mostly under ten minutes, sometimes even five, I am done.

What positions do you prefer and why?

Being on my back with my legs spread is definitely my most favorite position because of the comfort. But, I also love being on my knees and being fucked from behind. I think this taps into my feeling of being used again, as I cannot see the one who is fucking me. I cannot control the speed, the depth, the force… they are all controlled by the person who fucks me. I like that.

Do you have a favourite place for having sex?

This might be incredibly boring but yes: bed.

Is there something you think you would enjoy but haven’t tried yet?

There are two things I think I will enjoy, but unfortunately the stars haven’t lined up yet for me to try it. One is to be sucking one man while another fucks me. The other is double penetration. I am especially intrigued by the latter. I love anal sex but I have no idea of I will be able to handle both vaginal and anal sex. But I wouldn’t know unless I try, right?

I have my wild dreams about sexual things I want to do, but if I am really honest – and I know I touched on this subject last week – all I want at this moment is to have sex with my husband. Just normal, straight on sex. Once our sex life is back to what it was, oh boy, then I want to start experimenting again!

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3 thoughts on “Sexual Things

  1. So I’ve always wanted to try the “spit roast”. Horrible name for it, but definitely once I’ve fantasized about often.

  2. Hi Rebel, I’m surprised to read your comment about not knowing what it feels like to be doubly penetrated and how you would enjoy it. There is a simple solution if Mr T permits. Do what I do – womaniser on my clit, dildo or vibe up my cunt and another in my anus, all, like you, on my back. I start with smaller toys then work up during a session. Alternate between speeds to slow the womaniser down, manipulate the anal dildo from time to time or rock, and thrust with the dildo/vibe. I started with a glass dildo (smaller) but have now graduated to penis sized vibe, and Godemiches Adam vaginally.
    Magic. *Grins*
    Indie xx

    1. Hi Indie, oh believe me, I have used two dildos before the way you describe but having real cocks fucking me… that is what I want to experience ?

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