I have been walking around for months, thinking I need to do something about this website. It needs an upgrade and I want that upgrade to happen soon. I more or less know what I want, I just have to sit down and DO it. I just have one small problem: time. I need to find the time to do it. I eventually will, but I hope that’s sooner rather than later.

There’s something else though that is a bit more complicated.

You see, when I started forming ideas on what I want my website to look like, I thought about my logo every time. My logo consists of a brilliant image Master T has made of me back in 2011, and the name of my blog. I have put the two together using a simple photo program and called that my logo.

I have been using the same logo from the end of February 2012, when I registered my domain. Master T has always said that I shouldn’t use anything else, that the image is too beautiful not to use. I have always agreed with him, and the image has sort of become the trademark for my blog, but recently I have been thinking about… yes, re-branding.
However, since the logo has been on there for so long, I was and am in doubt.

Then I had an idea…

Ever since I have seen the beautiful drawings of Quiller Costello I wondered if he would be willing to help me design a new logo. It took some weeks before I asked him and he said yes! Some weeks ago I sent him the image and many other images came back. A perfect line drawing of what I have now, a line drawing with color splashes, a line drawing without a head, with a head, with a shoulder, without a shoulder. Quiller was SO patient every time I asked him to try something else. I am forever thankful for all his help in this!

Eventually I decided on something – no, I am not going to reveal it just yet – but I needed some expert advice. I manipulated some of Quiller’s designs (only adding my website name to it), and sent him four, not telling him which one I liked best. Imagine my surprise when he favored exactly the same one as I did.

I think I have made a good choice, but I am still a bit reluctant to make the change.


After 6 years of using the same image as logo, I wonder if it would hurt my site if I change to something else. Then again, changing it might just be a positive thing. I trust it will be, and to make the change less ‘shocking’, I want to change the logo at the same time I change the design of this blog. I think that’s the best way to go about it.

Back when I started blogging I never thought about a logo. On Blogger I didn’t even had one and when I moved over to WordPress, all I did was to put an image in the sidebar – the same image that’s now in the logo.

After so many years, it’s time to finally have a real logo, right?
As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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12 thoughts on “Re-Branding

  1. Marie – go with your heart. So much has changed for you in recent months that I totally understand you feeling the need for an adjustment of branding and it sounds as if you have kept and element of past with a twist of new, which could be the best of both worlds.
    I agree that your old image was beautiful, and it was your trademark in the past – I’d want Mater T to be on-board with your new image if I was in your shoes. I am also a BIG fan of Quiller’s work, and he is very accommodating and flexible to changes so I can easily imagine how pleasant a collaboration that was.
    I shall wait for the unveil – if you think that new is right, but I should point out that I think honesty and generosity are also trademarks of yours, you give so much of yourself to the blog and this community. Thank you.

    1. Luckily for me Master T indeed likes the new logo. Of course he would want me to keep the old one forever but he understands my need for change.

  2. I love your logo, but I also love the idea of a re-brand and a change, which makes me want to make a change, too, lol. I’m not up for a full re-do of my sites at this point, though. I have no doubt it will look amazing when you’re done and be great for you!

    I’m on the hunt for someone who can make a logo that represents JB and myself as one entity since we’re doing so much together. There are a few things that really need to be branded as “us” instead of just me.

    1. They say a change is as good as a holiday, right?
      But seriously, iI am not redoing my entire site. Like you, I just don’t have time for that, but the change, especially with a new logo, will definitely be noticeable.

  3. I watch with intrigue to see your new branding. Quiller’s imagery is beautiful.

    Velvet x

  4. I’m sure that if you decide to go with Quill’s design we will all quickly adapt to the new look, even though we know and love the current one. One thing I note is you haven’t mentioned what Mr T thinks of the design you and Quill have come up with.
    Whatever you do decide we will support and love you and your blog. I just hope you don’t keep us in suspense for too long!
    Indie xx

  5. I know just what you mean about finding the “time” . . . just seems to go by quicker and quicker with every year doesn’t it !!!

    And, like you, I’d love to have a new look but just can’t seem to find the time . . . or the inspiration.

    So . . . I am intrigued to see what your change(s) will reveal !!!

    Xxx – K

  6. Oh gosh, I’m so excited to see this – I love your blog, but understand the need for a change and much as I love your existing branding – it’s instantly recognisable – your name counts for so much more. You work so tirelessly in the community, that people will always know who you are.

  7. Well you know I think Quill is a fab artist and have some wonderful sketches he has done for me so i would be interested in seeing what you both came up with. But equally, I adore your logo as it is. Whenever I catch a mere glimpse I know immediately it’s your work – difficult choice to make xx

  8. I love the image that you have now and Master T is right that it is beautiful. I also love the drawings that Quiller does so I am an excited to see what you have chosen. I think that there is so much to your site than your logo. Your name is even more significant, the style and context of your blog etc all work together to make it what it is. I think that if you want to update aspects of it then people will adapt to that with you. I look forward to seeing your new logo any other changes you make ?

  9. This type of stuff plagued me when I started my new blog. On the Lustful Literate, I changed things constantly to suit my mood…plus, I just loved designing and playing with the themes. Now, I realize that the brand and logo are actually important, so I took a bit more time choosing colors, researching themes, and finding just the perfect image that I could share across platforms. I fell in love with my little line-drawn Brigit, and I can’t imagine ever having anything different now. But times change. And updating a website can do a lot to freshen things up and re-inspire you and your readers. I can’t wait to see what you do with the place!

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