The Look of Love

You’ve got the look of love
It’s on your face
A look that time can’t erase
Baby be mine, tonight

Let this be just the start of
So many nights like this
Let’s take a lovers vow
And seal it with a kiss
(The Look of Love – Dusty Springfield)

Seeing his face when he looks at me, I know he loves me. I know he longs for me like I long for him, but that circumstances are keeping us apart. I’m patient, really patient. I know we will get back to ‘many nights like this’. But, I get unsure too. I doubt myself. Even though I know Master T is locked up inside himself due to the stupid medicine, I feel doubts. Does he still want me? Does my body still excite him?

Then I look at this image, at how prominent my breasts are in this image and I remember last weekend when he stood behind me, cupped my breasts and squeezed. He made a silly remark, walked away, came back later and his hands were on my tits again. He repeated this several times during the day. So much so that I hoped it would mean that night something more would happen. It didn’t. I shouldn’t doubt myself. No matter what I look like, he loves and wants me. He tells me that so many times, and I can’t believe he would start lying now, as he is just not that kind of man.

Naked breasts and red knickers
Red is the color of love, and when I see his face, I see the look of love…

© Rebel’s Notes

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16 thoughts on “The Look of Love

  1. Don’t doubt yourself, it’s a beautiful alluring image and his love for you is real.


  2. Hang in there. Those little times, the signs show that he wants you still. Waiting, wanting, I know how that feels, and know also that your patience will be rewarded xxx

  3. Those inner voices can be so mean. Those looks and his actions speak a thousand words and yet those inner voices convince us otherwise.

  4. You look very desirable and your skin (with it’s pretty freckles) is enviable. I too think he is punching his way out of the shell which the medicine has put him in. But there are definite signs that the passion which underpins your loving relationship, is ramping up – keep the faith.

  5. I am with Indie, sure he loves you. This photo is fabulous – you look amazing and your skin so beautiful too x

  6. Oh sweetie, you are so patient and brave. And I’m sure he loves you dearly, but I know how hard it is to maintain the faith.
    You look so patient and so desirable in this shot. I love the flash of your tatts and your red knickers too.
    Indie xx

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