Beauty becomes alive and interesting when it is hidden under clothes.
~ Monica Bellucci

hidden breasts
Sometimes I want to show all, but I have to hide it…

I love that I know what is hidden beneath my clothes, especially when I see someone eyeing my cleavage… but there are time when I wish I could just show it to people, show them the parts of me I am so very proud of. Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish and want to reveal a bit more…

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14 thoughts on “Hidden

  1. Ooh cheeky zip! Giving us a little and very enjoyable peek of flesh. Less on show definitely makes the mind wander though, in all the best ways of course :p

  2. your breasts are really sexy Marie, and I adore your freckles! I also find zips very sexy and love what you have revealed here. Yeah sometimes I’d like to reveal my sexy underwear, but keeping it hidden until later …. talking to people normally but knowing what I have on underneath is totally OTT sexy is quite a turn on for me!

  3. sexy shot – I love when I go out with a skirt and no knickers, and only my man and I know – it makes me feel very sexy 😉

  4. i love it when girls show a bit more – especially if it is a lower cut top or a short short skirt and they let you see up it
    i remember a long time ago when i was in london going up the escalator at a tube station – it could have been bond street or another but it was a long one and this girl was about 15 steps ahead of me in a short short skirt and i could see that she wasnt wearing any panties – wow what a turn on that was

  5. When I’m out and see people wearing clothes that reveal bits and pieces of skin, I think it’s soooo sexy – oftentimes, I think it’s sexier than seeing someone completely nude.

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