Hairy Scary

Pubic hair, nature’s dental-floss. Some of us let it grow wild and free, others tend to keep it under varying degrees of control, and some prefer to cast it all away and go smooth. How we style (or not) down below is a personal choice that we make for reasons of style, comfort, hygiene, or any of a range of factors.

I think I was about twenty when I started shaving my pubic hair and from the very beginning I shaved everything off. Once or twice I tried to leave a narrow strip of hair, but I never liked the look of it, so I shaved it all off again. Over the years there have been some changes, such as when I had to let the hair grow back when I hurt my foot back in 2014 and when I started having Brazilians done last year.

How do you style your pubic hair? What were your reasons for choosing that style?

Somewhere in the second half of 2017 I started having Brazilians done after I had shaved for years. In December I decided to go back to shaving, but disliked it so much that I went for my next Brazilian in January and can now say that I don’t think I will ever shave again.

I have been smooth and clean ‘down there’ for thirty years and counting, because that’s just how I like it. It doesn’t have anything to do with better hygiene or any of those reasons. It’s just how I like it and I have always had partners who liked the same. I love the look and feel of my pussy when it has just been waxed. I go for a wax every four weeks and in the last week before I go, Master T calls me ‘hairy scary’ when I say I can feel it’s time for a wax again. He likes my smooth pussy just as much, but doesn’t mind the hair growing back, as he knows it will be gone again soon, but also because I have much less hair than I did when I still shaved.

What are your preferences for a partner’s styling?

It’s up to them. As much as I have the right to choose what to do with my body, my partner can choose what he wants to do. He accepts my ‘styling’ so why shall I not accept his?

That said, Master T doesn’t shave or trim at all. Sometimes I have hair in my mouth, and no, I don’t like that, but I still don’t see that as reason enough to tell him I want him to shave. It will always be his own choice how he styles his pubes.

Would you (or have you) ever change(d) your styling just to please a partner?


Okay, that’s maybe too short an answer, right? If Master T tells me he wants me to do something different, I would most probably explain to him just how much I enjoy the waxing and love the feeling of it afterwards and will leave it at that. This process will repeat itself a couple of times and then I might lean more to his view than my own.

But, I know this will never happen. Even though we are in a D/s dynamic, having no pubes was always my own choice. Yes, Master T enforced it some years ago that I should shave every day and he even checked every morning whether I did, but eventually he stopped with it. That didn’t mean that I stopped shaving daily, except when I decided I wanted a wax. So now shaving is not part of my daily routine again and I know Master T is perfectly happy with my pubes the way they are, whether they are gone or about 5mm long just before I go for my next waxing.

Many years back I was in an abusive relationship and he demanded that I shaved every day. Not only me, his wife too. We always had to bathe together and checked each other to see if we have shaved properly. Something else he demanded was to wash our cunts inside out. He had bought special sponges and special soap and we had to push it into our vagina’s to wash inside. Yes, seriously. The way he made his demands is something I will never accept from anyone ever again.

I think I will have Brazilian waxes done for as long as I can, which means even if I get to the age of 70, I will most probably still go to the studio to spread my legs and have the hair remove. Of course, depending on how much hair is left by then. This makes me giggle, as my mom always claimed she was bald in her southern regions, which should mean, if I take after my mom a bit, I will eventually be bald too, right? At least the Brazilians are helping to achieve that!

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4 thoughts on “Hairy Scary

  1. i usually kept myself trimmed, even i didt want to see anything “poking out” of my bikini at the beach.. after i met my current husband it seemed like my undies kept getting smaller and more revealing, soon all i had were icro thongs, and i kept trimming back my pubes….for my husbands bday one year, he asked if i’d shave my pussy bald…. he ended up shaving me, i think i came 2 or 3 times while he was doing it !! i love the smooth feeling, he likes it as well, he keeps himself trimmed, i hate pubic hair in my mouth

  2. I’m a fan of the Brazilian. It gets tough as I move around a bit so finding a place to go gets tricky once I’ve settled. That smooth feeling post wax is the best

  3. Brazilian is so nice, i should try to do a brazilian, but i’m scared of the pain on the balls

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